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Cipher is a full-service competitive strategy and technology firm. We provide world-class consulting services and technology solutions that help our clients gain and maintain a competitive edge.

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11 Steps to Choosing a CI Enterprise Software Solution

More and more, leading companies are choosing to integrate cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions in their business processes. In fact, according to  Read More

Supporting Sales Enablement with Knowledge360®

What is a sales enablement strategy?  Sales enablement refers to all of the technology, processes, and content that Read More

Life Sciences Insights: The Great Disruptor Enters Healthcare

Two groundbreaking initiatives announced this month could be very disruptive to the U.S. Healthcare market The ability to cut costs for consumers will determine the success of these ... Read More

Leveraging Natural Language Processing NLP for Enterprises VIDEO

Why spend hours maintaining complex taxonomies or ... Read More

11 Steps to Choosing an Enterprise Software Solution QUICK GUIDE

Choosing the right software solution for your company is a complex process. In recent years, the landscape of available solutions has exploded with new options popping up on the ... Read More

Life Sciences Insights The accelerated pace of change in healthcare

New from Cipher! The Life Sciences Insights Brief is a monthly newsletter produced by our Director of Life ... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Trend Monitoring

Effective trend monitoring is essential for senior leadership to make informed business decisions. Data collection alone is only one piece of the puzzle; robust ... Read More

Smarter, Faster Decisions With Intelligence Software

Acknowledged by SCIP as a best-in-class CI solution, Knowledge360® makes it easy to aggregate and visualize information so you spend less time searching and more time making strategic decisions.

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