Life Sciences Insights: Using CI to adapt to market changes

September 25, 2017  Life Sciences And Healthcare

How can companies use competitive intelligence to “repurpose” brands into products consumers want, adapt for new technologies, or uncover new sources of growth that align with a company’s core competencies? 

Knowledge360® Named a Trend-Setting Product By KMWorld Magazine

September 18, 2017  Events

KMWorld Magazine’s “Trend-Setting Products” list recognizes the world’s most innovative solutions in knowledge management.

Cipher Heads to New Jersey for the PharmaCI Conference (September 12-13)

September 05, 2017  Events

Feeling pressure from disruptive new technologies emerging in the pharmaceutical industry, new entrants or alliances, or an uncertain regulatory environment? Our team can help. Come chat with us at the PharmaCI conference this month! 

Life Sciences Insights: The accelerated pace of change in healthcare

August 31, 2017  Competitive IntelligenceLife Sciences And Healthcare

The pace of change in healthcare continues to accelerate. Concerns around the direction the government may or may not be taking dominate the news. 

Trend Monitoring: Positioning your business for growth and disruption in competitive markets

August 30, 2017  Competitive Intelligence

Effective trend monitoring is essential for senior leadership to make informed business decisions.

Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Enterprises [VIDEO]

August 17, 2017  CI Software

Automatic tagging of news, press releases, and your documents, highlights key trends, giving you greater insight into your data. Knowledge360® uses natural language processing (NLP) to differentiate terms based on context.

How to Overcome Information Overload to Make Smarter Decisions

August 02, 2017  CI SoftwareCompetitive Intelligence

Developments in information technology have not only been the primary drivers of globalization, but have also irreversibly changed the way business is done and the way in which organizations are structured and operate.

How to Boost your Competitive Strategy with Cipher [VIDEO]

July 31, 2017  Competitive Intelligence

We provide world-class solutions to help our clients make smarter, faster strategic decisions. Our team of experienced consultants provides bespoke market research, competitive intelligence, and strategic advisory services to many of the world’s greatest companies.

Bio-pharmaceutical Collaboration: A Research Imperative

July 18, 2017  CI SoftwareLife Sciences And Healthcare

R&D partnerships in the biopharmaceuticals space are more prevalent now than ever before. These collaborations present unique challenges as well as opportunities for the innovative companies that pursue them. 

Assess your competitive landscape in seconds with Knowledge360®

July 10, 2017  CI Software

With the right software solution, you can build a competitor profile, monitor for market trends, and collaborate with your team in real time all in one place.

How to Stay Competitive in the A&D Industry – Insights from Boeing

June 19, 2017  Competitive Intelligence

Boeing recently embarked on a "strategy refresh" due to three primary drivers. Find out what they are and how Competitive Intelligence plays a role.

Cipher heads to Phoenix for the SLA 2017 Annual Conference (June 16-20)

June 09, 2017  Events

Stop by booth #827 at the SLA 2017 Annual Conference, the premier event for information professionals, to speak with our representatives, grab some awesome Cipher swag, and learn more about our services and cutting-edge technology solutions. 

Cipher Recognized By SCIP with Distinguished Member Award

June 06, 2017  Events

The SCIP Distinguished Member Award recoginizes individuals and organizations for outstanding industry achievements and continued support of the SCIP membership association. Cipher was presented the award at the 32nd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia in May.

Knowledge360® Recognized by SCIP as Top-Ranked Intelligence Software Solution

May 10, 2017  CI SoftwareEvents

For the second year in a row, Cipher’s Knowledge360® has earned the coveted SCIP Certified™ gold seal endorsement from Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Cipher to Share Insights at Leading Competitive & Market Intelligence Conferences in May

May 04, 2017  Events

This month Cipher will speak at the two largest conferences for the competitive and market intelligence community: ICI's Competitive & Market Intelligence Conference and SCIP's International Conference & Exhibition.

Cipher Moves to Accelerate Sales with Strategic VP of Sales Hire

May 01, 2017  Events

New VP of Sales, Michael Irving, to facilitate the rapid growth of Cipher’s cutting-edge Knowledge360® SaaS solution.

Cipher Sponsors Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London (April 25 & 26)

April 18, 2017  CI SoftwareEvents

Next Tuesday, April 25 and Wednesday, April 26, Cipher will be sponsoring the Chief Strategy Officer Summit hosted by Innovation Enterprise. This London-based event brings together hundreds of professionals to discuss the topic of "Developing a Culture of Strategic Management." 

Data Collection and Analysis in Minutes with Knowledge360®

April 13, 2017  CI SoftwareCompetitive IntelligenceKnowledge ManagementLife Sciences And Healthcare

Using Knowledge360®, a researcher or analyst can find all the information they need on any given topic and build out dashboards for ongoing monitoring in 20 minutes or less.

MACRA: the other healthcare law you need to know about

April 07, 2017  Competitive IntelligenceLife Sciences And Healthcare

There is a law, quietly passed by Congress on April 16, 2015, that will profoundly affect our health care system. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is now in effect, and, unlike its controversial cousins, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), it’s unlikely to be rolled back or significantly altered. MACRA is bi-partisan, which means it’s likely here to stay – and it needs to be understood.

Competitive Intelligence – A critical tool for A&D and Federal leadership to bring clarity to strategic planning

March 22, 2017  Competitive Intelligence

If anything has been consistent about Federal budgeting since the late-90s, it is the enculturated uncertainty and short-term thinking in which agencies across the government are forced to engage. Federal decision makers are now long accustomed to being cornered into a reactive survivalist mentality, rather than be positioned to comprehensively strategize and plan for the long-term. 

Cipher Sponsors First-Ever CI+S Event in San Fran (March 28 & 29)

March 20, 2017  CI SoftwareCompetitive IntelligenceEvents

Stop by the Cipher booth at the CI+S Event next week to speak with our representatives and see how we can help you with your competitive & market intelligence needs!

Cipher Named a Top 100 Company by KMWorld

March 07, 2017  CI SoftwareEventsKnowledge Management

Cipher has been named to KMWorld Magazine’s annual list of “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.”

Amazon S3 Crashed: This is Why You Should Still Move to the Cloud

March 01, 2017  CI Software

Web-based services like AWS and their S3 data storage service aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and we all need them to run our businesses with greater efficiency

Keeping an eye on the ACA: How proposed changes may affect healthcare in the US

February 08, 2017  Life Sciences And Healthcare

Cipher has compiled a chart to compare the key changes to healthcare legislation as detailed by the AHCA and how these changes may affect Consumers, Insurers, Employers, Medicaid Recipients, and Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Companies along with some questions key stakeholders might consider as the debate moves to the Senate.

Cipher Named a Best-Run Company by SmartCEO

January 31, 2017  Competitive IntelligenceEvents

Cipher has been selected as a 2017 Best-Run Company, a program by SmartCEO, for cultivating long-term relationships that drive culture.

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