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University Partnership Initiative

Cipher seeks to enhance competitive intelligence studies by providing free access to Knowledge360 for students.

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About the program

Knowledge360 University PartnersIn the Fall of 2017, a conversation was sparked between thought leaders at Cipher and a professor at James Madison University about ways to provide real-world experience to the next generation of competitive intelligence professionals.

The group decided to task the students with a mix of practical research projects using industry-leading software and guidance from our own researchers, analysts, and strategists. 

Today the program has expanded to support several univeristies across the United States and continues to grow.  

Through this program students have access to:

  • A custom, university-specific Knowledge360® portal with all of the features of our award-winning competitive intelligence software 
  • Training and support from our Customer Success Team on how to use Knowledge360® for advanced market research
  • Periodic guest lectures from our expert competitive intelligence strategists and researchers

If this program sounds like something your students could benefit from, please contact us today to learn more! 


Meet our University Partners

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Upon announcing the partnershipDr. Qingjiu “Tom” Tao, Assistant Professor at James Madison University, said the following: 

“We are excited that, through this partnership, our students will benefit from increased access to real-world analytical challenges and a world-class competitive and market intelligence tool. Knowledge360® is a widely-recognized platform and many of our students are likely to encounter it when they join the workforce so we are thrilled that they have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge amongst their peers.”

Taking a Closer Look at the State of CI

In collaboration with James Madison University, experts from our competitive intelligence consulting team are working to assess the state of CI in different industries, starting with the Life Sciences industry.

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