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A global public safety technology company built a CI function from the ground up with Knowledge360®

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The Need: Gather Silo Information

Gather together the siloed information and make it actionable and impactful for different business groups

The Approach: Make Accessible

Eliminate redundancies, centralize intelligence, make it widely accessible

The Result: New Product

Effective competitive landscape monitoring for a new product launch

Breaking Down Siloed Information

The client had a large, geographically dispersed workforce, including “feet on the street” in their sales and marketing departments. Although these individuals all had access to real-time information that was shaping the competitive landscape, that information was siloed and not easily shared between business groups.

Due to the diverse product portfolios of the different groups and inadequate knowledge sharing capabilities, there were often redundancies in their outsourced strategic analysis and insights.

They needed a tool that enabled these teams to work independently while remaining connected to the larger organization. They also needed a central hub where raw and finished intelligence, data, and analysis could be securely stored, accessed by authorized users, updated, and distributed throughout the enterprise.

The corporate team would then have a holistic view of the competitive landscape - allowing them to focus on setting strategy for product development, marketing, and sales.

"Having data that is both easy to digest and easy to share is so important.”

Head of CI

Knowledge360® fills in the gaps and provides a centralized platform

Drawing upon insights from our Professional Services team, the client was able to identify redundancies and inefficiencies in their current processes and focus on opportunities for change. Empowered with a preliminary analysis of their competitive intelligence efforts, the client was able to implement Knowledge360® to fill in gaps and provide a centralized platform for data gathering, analysis, collaboration, and dissemination.

Using Knowledge360®’s intuitive Field Intelligence capability, all of the competitive intel that had been stagnating and inaccessible within individual business groups (shared drives, emails. etc.) was aggregated and made available to everyone at the click of a button. This function alone greatly improved their ability to establish best practices and rapidly disseminate new and useful information throughout the enterprise.

In their day-to-day work, the CI team uses the widget-based visualization tool to help narrow their focus to the data feeds that Knowledge360® provides in its “out-of-the-box-ready” solution. The efficiencies that are created allow the team members to spend much less time on data collection and much MORE time on analyzing the data.

The insurance company's Enterprise Strategy Research team then made the dashboard available to both the executive team and the pandemic team, so they could have real-time access to the information they needed for decisions. In addition, the analysts could add insights and alert the decision-makers to key information right in the dashboard. 

This information and the timeliness of the information proved to be the key differentiator that set  this carrier apart from other insurance providers in the face of the pandemic. 

According to the contact from the Enterprise Strategy Research team, this level of response was only possible thanks to the combination of responsive support, and powerful tools and data sources offered by Knowledge360. 

The partnership created between the Enterprise Strategy Research team and the Customer Success team at Cipher made all the difference. The two days spent building the report included plenty of direct teamwork, video conferences, and text messaging. 

The client credited the speed at which the dashboard was able to launch directly to that relationship and the support provided by the Knowledge360 customer success team.  

At the end of the day, this was all about people. During a moment of crisis, two organizations worked together to solve a problem, and to be there for each other. All of this served the greater purpose of allowing the insurance company to be there for their customers when it mattered most. 

The Results

The client recently used Knowledge360® to track and manage the release of a new product into the market. Using Dashboards, the client was able to see the “buzz” that this was creating as well as monitor the response of their competitors. They then built out a Battle Card for their Sales reps in Knowledge360®to arm them with key talking points when entering into a competitive situation in the field.

The data was captured, analysis performed, actionable knowledge created, and quickly distributed to those who need it — all from within the Knowledge360® platform.

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