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Why Knowledge360®?

Knowledge360® is the competitive intelligence tool that gives you a competitive advantage.

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Find Your Competitive Advantage

Monitor your market for disruption, quickly assess your competitive landscape, and collaborate with your team to leverage organizational knowledge with Knowledge360®, the competitive intelligence software that integrates with the tools you already use and actually works.


Identify New Opportunities 

Avoid competitor surprises, take advantage of new opportunities, and confidently plan your go to market strategy for new products and services. Ongoing competitor monitoring in Knowledge360® ensures that you remain up to date with relevant news and alerts in your industry. News on your market and competitors is filtered through a multi-step, AI-powered process to bring you only the most relevant information and significantly reduce noise.

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Centralize Market Intelligence

Say goodbye to managing multiple information sources for your competitive and market intelligence and put an end to the communication silos preventing you from collecting valuable competitor insights from inside your organization. Knowledge360® aggregates internal and external information to bring the competitor and market intelligence you need into a central repository that acts as your "single source of truth" to develop and share competitor analysis.

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Automate Competitor Intelligence 

Get started with Knowledge360® in minutes. Simply login and invite your team to view pre-loaded competitor battlecards, side-by-side competitor comparisons, private company data, financial information, and more alongside your market research and competitor analysis documents. 

Assess your competitive landscape in minutes


Customer Support You Can Count On

Your dedicated customer success representative works to ensure the ultimate Knowledge360® user experience with ongoing training and support for you and your entire team at no additional cost. As your advocate for product enhancements, your customer success representative works as part of our product development team to collect and implement client feedback in as little as two weeks.

How Can Our Team Help You?

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Bring Stability to Chaotic Environments

Get in front of the instability caused by mergers & acquisitions, internal restructuring, and changing regulations that make it difficult to maintain consistent competitor and market intelligence. Knowledge360® acts as your central repository to ensure nothing is lost in the shuffle. 


Monitor for Regulatory and Technological Advances

Continuously monitor for changing government regulations, new technologies, and market conditions with Knowledge360® and collaborate with your team to take advantage of new opportunities. 


Latch On To New Opportunities 

Be the first to know about new business opportunities posted to FedBizOpps through Knowledge360®'s user-friendly integration that supports saved searches and alerts. Keep an eye on your market to make sure you are always one step ahead of your competition. 


Stay on Top of New Technologies and Start-Ups 

Easily identify the white space where there is room for you to grow and keep tabs on the new products, technologies, and start-ups hitting the market. Knowledge360® tracks your evolving competitive landscape and help you grow your business in any direction.


Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2017


“Delivers competitive intelligence services and technology solutions that help clients make smarter, faster decisions.”

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“These companies in the Baltimore/Washington DC region are leading their industries, have overcome significant challenges and have created lasting value in their communities.”

20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016


“Cipher helps clients craft and execute smarter, more effective corporate strategies by providing world-class services and solutions.”

Top 10 Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016


“We are glad to showcase Cipher this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology driven solutions.”

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