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2021 Opportunity Snapshot Reveals: 

Life Sciences Firms Must Accelerate Decision-Making From Market And Competitive Intelligence

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A Custom Study Commissioned by Cipher | May 2021

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Cipher commissioned a Forrester survey to better understand the CI trends and challenges among 200+ CI decision-makers in the field of life sciences.

Forrester revealed these results and more:
  • 55% of respondents struggle to make decisions informed by competitive intelligence.
  • 70% find it challenging to manage 3rd party vendors
  • 72% agree that the hardest part of managing 3rd party vendors is managing their progress.
  • 61% said they receive better data quality when using a M/CI platform

You can now download the full report, “Life Science Firms Must Accelerate Decision-Making From Market and Competitive Intelligence” by filling out the form.