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Plan Your Competitive Strategy

Get a competitive strategy that is crafted to handle market volatility and equipped to grow with you into new markets.

Identify New Business Opportunities

Gain a fresh perspective on your competitive marketing strategy, including your go to market strategy and core competitive differentiators, and fill in gaps in your strategic plan to take advantage of new opportunities.


Firm Up Your Competitive Advantage

Break ranks from your competitors by partnering with the competitive strategy consultants at Cipher for support entering new markets, scenario planning, wargaming, and monitoring market trends.

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Stress Test Your Competitive Strategy

Monitor market trends and stress test your strategic assumptions to guarantee that when challenges arise in your market, your competitive strategy can weather them.

Learn About Competitive Strategy Best Practices

Competitive Strategy Support

Stand Watch Over Market Trends

Put an expert eye toward monitoring trends in your market and we'll alert you to any changes and suggest next steps to take advantage of emerging opportunities or mitigate the risk of threats.


Gain Strategic Planning Support 

Approach strategic planning from a new angle with a team of "first mates" to guide your business through a competitive market and tackle ongoing competitor research to continuously inform a winning competitive strategy. 


Confidently Launch Into New Markets 

Lean on a partner with market entry expertise to navigate through the challenging waters of new market entrance. From developing and refining your go to market plan, to identifying new markets and potential business partners within those markets, our team is here to help you maximize growth opportunities and mitigate the risks of market entry. 


Plan for Market Disruption

Forecast future market scenarios with consultants to stress test how your competitive strategy will help you overcome market disruption and take advantage of new opportunities. 


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Resources to Understand Your Market and Competitors

Gain competitive strategy insights from our free competitive intelligence resource center.


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