Competitive Intelligence and Strategy

Better understand your market and competition so you can make smarter, faster strategic decisions.

Competitive Strategy Services



Mitigate risk when hiring or entering a partnership.

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Competitive and Market Intelligence

Understand where and how competitors are growing.

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Strategy Consulting

Anticipate changes in the market and plan accordingly.

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Strategy Support

Partner with consultants to optimize intelligence strategies.

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Competitive Intelligence Technology

Automate repetitive tasks, monitor your market, and save time with cutting-edge technology solutions developed by Cipher, the industry leader in CI.


End-to-End CI Support with Knowledge360®

Knowledge360® is the only SaaS solution on the market that supports every aspect of the intelligence process — dramatically freeing up your team to allow them to focus on what they do best: developing strategic insights and actionable market analysis.

Assess Your Competitive Landscape

Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2017


“Delivers competitive intelligence services and technology solutions that help clients make smarter, faster decisions.”

2017 Best-Run Company


“These companies in the Baltimore/Washington DC region are leading their industries, have overcome significant challenges and have created lasting value in their communities.”

Better Understand Your Market and Competitors

Get competitive strategy insights from the experts at Cipher


Competitor Tracking Made Easy with Knowledge360®

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Maximizing Your Investment in a Strategy Consultant

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BI, CI, and KM: What's the Difference?

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