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The Other Side of COVID

Market and Competitive Intelligence for a Post-Pandemic World and Recession Economy

Months ago, we deployed our market and competitive intelligence software, Knowledge360® to monitor vital COVID outbreak news and information.

While the threat of coronavirus is not behind us, business leaders now seek critical decision-making information to set their course for what will be on the other side of the pandemic. 

To meet these needs, we have again deployed our tools to gather, organize and share key trends expected to have a lasting impact on our markets, industries and economy. 

Our Post COVID Intelligence Framework in 90 Seconds


What comes next? 

While we are not on the other side of the pandemic, our individual states, local governments and businesses are establishing plans to cautiously resume operations and set a course for the future amidst so many unknowns.


To support that effort, we are working with clients and partners to produce and share research and analysis of trends and shifts in market dynamics related to the pandemic and the recession economy in the US.

Why are we doing this? 

Our motivation is the same as yours, a desire to get out in front of what will become the “new normal” and understand what buying and usage behaviors will be most likely to emerge on “the other side” of the current crisis. 

"How will a recession economy interact with your post-pandemic consumer behaviors and decision drivers?"

If your business leaders are asking for for insights to inform their planning and investment we should talk

How might you benefit

Consider the value of a team with tools focused on likely impacts emerging, new industry trends or shifts in consumer and customer behavior? 


Your "Other Side" strategy will require clarity surrounding the trends likely to ignite, accelerate, decelerate, or halted as a result of the pandemic.


Our insights team translate hypothesis sets into foresight questions and field them using, HUUNU, our proprietary Prediction Market research platform. Finally you will have a way to dimensionalize the trends and shifts you have identified.


Your research can now answer; time to recovery questions, the impact on buying and consumption behaviors, or how technology acceleration will alter distribution models.

See the other side clearly

While your new insights are powerful, we understand your needs don't end with a prediction of market disruption. Both your competitors and your own business are constantly adjusting to market shifts. You need to maintain your clear vision.


Leveraging the power of our AI-powered, cloud-based monitoring system, Knowledge360®, we will track indicators of competitive and market shifts as they pertain to three key trends we have identified. 

Look under the K360 hood