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How a Global Health and Pharmaceuticals Organization Built a Competitive Intelligence (CI) Function From the Ground Up.

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Phase 1: Requirments Gathering

The client had an existing, decentralized effort to gather competitive intelligence manually by compiling and reviewing competitor news. Cipher benchmarked these efforts against Pharma best practices and conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s core competitors to identify areas of opportunity.

Phase 2: Planning

Cipher, key stakeholders, and the C-Suite worked together to establish information collection and sharing processes, outline budget requirements, make crucial build vs buy decisions, and determine data sources.

Phase 3: Implmentation & Execution 

Cipher worked with the client for 2 years to build a world-class internal CI function using a 3-phased approach focused on establishing high-value CI capabilities first. Cipher’s in-house developer team built a tailored, web-based solution for the client to automate routine processes and manage knowledge. Throughout this phase, Cipher provided change management support, training, executive coaching, and advisement to ensure the success of the project.

Phase 5: Ongoing Support

Cipher continues to provide high-end research, due diligence, trend monitoring, strategic analysis, and strategic advisement to support the client’s internal efforts.

Return on Investment 

14:1 The client estimated a cost savings of $14 per $1 invested

One of the Best Investments we Have Ever Made

"The partnership that we forged with Cipher was one of the best investments that we have ever made and continues to provide value long after the initial build. They held our hand throughout the entire process and continue to support us today. They feel like part of the team and are truly committed to our success."

Pharmaceutical Team Member

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