Change the Way You Manage 3rd Party Market Research & CI Vendors

Centralize and simplify your workflow for scoping, selecting, contracting, working with, and reviewing CI service providers.

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Save Time

One customer has realized a saving of over 700 hours per year centralizing processes that were managed manually via email.

Reduce Duplicate Effort

Did you know that 67% of firms have paid for the same outsourced CI activity more than once? Do away with duplication.

Action Intelligence

Centralizing the deliverables provided by your 3rd party CI vendors make the intelligence actionable across the organization.

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Revolutionizing the Management of Third Party Market Research & CI Vendors

Third-party vendors can and do bring significant value to M/CI teams. However, many report that the process of managing these vendor relationships is arduous and riddled with inefficiencies. We're here to fix that.

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Revolutionizing the Management of 3rd Party Market Research & CI Vendors

Simplifying the messy process of CI vendor management.

Reduce the amount of time you spend managing your 3rd party market research and CI vendors, and make the intelligence gained from these engagement more accessible across your organization.


Vendor Profiles

Invite each vendor to set up their own profile, where they provide key information including contact details, capabilities, areas of expertise, and any conflicts of interest.

Vendor Selection

Create a directory for all of the vendors your M/CI teams work with and match vendors to projects they are well qualified for, resulting in a more effective vendor selection process.

Documentation Creation and Review

Enter project details once, and they’ll auto-populate in all key documents including Statements of Work, Requests For Proposals (RFPs), Engagement Contracts, and more, streamlining the document creation process.

Send RFPs

It’s easy to send RFPs to selected vendors with the touch of a button, and all proposals are then collated in one central location for a streamlined review process.

Evaluate Proposals

A vendor scoring engine helps M/CI teams identify the most qualified vendors for each project, based on each vendor’s capabilities, past performance, and internal feedback.

Docusign Integration

With Knowledge360’s new Docusign integration, it’s possible to secure approval in minutes, with a fast, secure online signature process for all key documentation.

Centralized Document Repository

Collates all key documentation and deliverables for each project in one place. It’s easy for users to add feedback, share documents, and quickly locate important insights.

Vendor Feedback Process

Track vendor performance over time, and gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders with built-in surveys you send with the touch of a button.

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"The platform works with a ton of third-party data partners, so once you are in, all of the content is already there."

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- Mid-Market Executive Sponsor in Management Consulting

Configurable to Your Needs

Every organization partners with third-party vendors in their own way. The Knowledge360 Partner Portal is configurable to the needs of every M/CI team, with the ability to customize data fields, document templates, feedback surveys, and more.

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