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Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), a global nonprofit membership community of business experts across industry, academia, and government, recently hosted their 31st Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition with a focus on the rise of a community-based intelligence structure that harnesses collaboration in order to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. Cipher lead a half-day workshop entitled, “Trend Monitoring for Strategic Success” at the conference and hosted a separate session entitled, “Do More with Less: Optimize and Enhance Competitive Intelligence Efforts.”

Cipher’s new Knowledge360® Product Owner, Conor McManus, hit the ground running on his first day with the firm, representing Cipher at the conference and learning first-hand from the SCIP business community what their priorities are when it comes to Competitive Intelligence.

We asked Conor for his feedback on attending the SCIP conference as an industry “outsider” and his key takeaways from the event:

“The conference was a great way to start, providing me the opportunity to learn a lot about the competitive intelligence community. Unlike some other conferences I’ve attended, the informal and fun events after hours were a great way to engage with attendees. The event planners (Lauren and Lacy) did an amazing job.

From a product perspective, it was helpful to see how our leadership and sales teams view and sell the product. I learned a lot about Knowledge360® from their perspective. I also enjoyed meeting existing and potential clients, building relationships and putting faces to names right from the beginning.

I felt another great aspect of the conference was that other vendors, including some that may be seen as our competition, were very welcoming. The CI community seems like a great place to be!”

About Conor
As the Knowledge360® Product Owner, Conor has a multitude of responsibilities. The most important of which is ensuring the product is reliable, marketable, and meeting our customer’s needs. Conor works on market analysis and collaborates with various stakeholders, including the Cipher leadership team and clients, to define the priorities of product enhancements and then coordinate efforts with the development team to implement them. About Knowledge360®

Knowledge360®, Cipher’s game-changing Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management software, is the only CI software tool certified by SCIP. The subscription-based solution enables companies of all sizes and industries to make smarter and faster decisions through a revolutionary approach of gathering, organizing, and analyzing information.

Key Features Include:

  • Custom Dashboards – Build and share custom dashboard views using a drag-and-drop editor to highlight the content that’s most important to you.
  • Dynamic Analytics – View, edit, create and share dynamic analysis within your team or across the enterprise from a single portal.
  • Advanced Reporting – Craft and disseminate presentation-ready reports based on your dashboards.
  • Real-Time Data – Skim news from more than 300,000 online sources and aggregators uploaded in real-time straight into your portal.
  • Discovery New Insights – Manage existing knowledge augmented with external data to discover patterns across the entire competitive landscape.

Learn more about Knowledge360® and how you can spend less time gathering and organizing information and more time analyzing. Interested in scheduling a live demo? Start here.