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Consensus Point Inc., a leading global provider of prediction market intelligence and analytics, announced earlier this month the acquisition of Cipher Systems, a competitive strategy and technology firm.

By integrating proprietary prediction algorithms and competitive intelligence technology with best-in-class consulting, the combined company’s platform brings 360-degree predictive intelligence and strategic advisory services to brand strategy, competitive intelligence, and market insights professionals.

Brad Marsh, CEO of Consensus Point, commented,

"Marketers and innovators are turning more and more to big data and predictive analytics to inform their most important decisions and future-proof their businesses. Our combined SaaS offering is the only solution to deliver leading-edge prediction market research and competitive intelligence within a single platform.”

Consensus Point’s prediction market research, powered by its HUUNU® platform, harnesses the collective judgment of a target audience to fuel predictions about future trends, technologies, products, and competitive threats.

Built on proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, Cipher’s Knowledge360® SaaS based competitive intelligence platform provides businesses with unique insights into the trends and market forces that will impact their day-to-day business and strategic decision-making.

Peter Grimm, CEO of Cipher added,

“With the combined platform, our clients will receive the most robust picture of their market and competitive landscape available on the market today, enabling them to anticipate what’s ahead so they can capitalize on opportunities and avoid threats. Together with Consensus Point, we have created the only firm with the experience and technology to identify, predict, and monitor the market forces most likely to disrupt brands and industries.”

ABOUT CONSENSUS POINT – Consensus Point proudly helps the world’s leading brands, agencies, and research firms predict future trends, consumer behavior, emerging brands, and winning ideas. Using HUUNU®, our validated prediction market platform, we arm decision makers with rich quali-quant data that predicts where business is going and why, rather than simply modeling past results into the future. Please visit us at www.consensuspoint.com.

ABOUT CIPHER – Cipher is a full-service competitive strategy and technology firm. We provide world-class consulting services and technology solutions that help our clients gain and maintain a competitive edge. Knowledge360® is the only market and competitive intelligence software tool to receive a SCIP Certified endorsement from Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, distinguishing Knowledge360® as the industry’s number one intelligence software solution for competitive and market intelligence professionals. Learn more at Cipher

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