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Cipher will be speaking and exhibiting at this year's SCIP International Conference & Exhibition in Orlando (May 14-17, 2018). 

Now in it's 33rd year, this annual event hosted by Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) will focus on the theme of ‘Next Generation Intelligence’ to highlight the heightened need for a higher standard of evidence; a greater degree of credibility; and an agile, quick to action organization. 

The SCIP International Conference & Exhibition brings together more than 400 CI and strategy professionals for a week of workshops and networking with the industry's leading experts. 

Cipher will be hosting a half-day workshop at the event this year. Participants can sign up for the workshop during registration. 

Title: The Next Generation of Competitive Landscape Analysis
Date: Tuesday, May 15 | 8:30 to 11:30 AM 
Speakers: Peter Grimm, CEO, Cipher and Derek Heiss, Director of Consulting, Cipher

Traditional CI activities focus on understanding the current state-of-play; on developing detailed understandings of markets and competitors in their current states.  However, as the pace of change continues to increase, competitive and market landscapes are becoming ever more dynamic.  This places a premium on CI practitioners’ ability to be predictive—to understand not just today’s business environment, but that of the future. It can be counterintuitive, then, that our ability to be predictive requires us first to be introspective.  In this interactive session, participants will work with Peter Grimm and Derek Heiss from Cipher to improve their ability to look critically at their own companies’ competitive differentiation.  We will then discuss how to leverage this understanding to more effectively identify opportunities for growth while monitoring for, and predicting, potential disruptions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Analyzing your own competitive differentiation
  • More effectively forecast market and competitive movements  
  • Anticipate landscape shifts and discuss how to effectively strategize around them
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Identify trends and monitor for disruption

As an exhibitor of this event, Cipher will also host a booth in the exhibit hall to speak with attendees about their competitive strategies for 2018. Be sure to stop by for a quick chat to see what Cipher can do for you! 

We look forward to chatting about:

  • Knowledge360® - The first and only SCIP CertifiedTM competitive intelligence software designed to help CI professionals save time and stay ahead of the competition by collecting, organizing, and analyzing the information necessary to make informed business decisions. Our CTO, Conor McManus, will be on-site at the event to discuss exciting new updates to the product and our roadmap for future enhancements. Learn more
  • CI State of Play - Life Sciences 2018 - Our new industry study will debut at the SCIP International Conference & Exhibition with an introduction from Nanette Bulger, CEO and Executive Director, SCIP. Developed in collaboration with James Madison University, this ground-breaking new report will provide clear benchmarks for how the Top 300 companies in the Life Sciences industry are structuring CI. Reserve your copy.
  • The Next Generation of Competitive Landscape Analysis Workshop - Stop by for a quick chat with Peter or Derek to follow-up on their workshop taking place on Tuesday! Or just to discuss the state of the CI industry in general. 

And anything else that comes to mind! Whether it’s delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, partnering with clients on research and analysis, or advising the C-Suite on effective strategy, the world’s greatest companies trust us to deliver actionable results.