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Cipher representatives Derek Heiss and Joshua Gondwe will be at the Sheraton in Times Square next week for the Strategic Planning Innovation Summit, part of the Innovation Festival 2017. The theme for the summit this year is “Discover Lean & Agile Approaches to Strategic Planning” and will include discussions on how to revitalize corporate strategies and execute for success.

As an exhibitor of this event, Cipher will host a booth in the exhibit hall to speak with attendees about their competitive strategies for 2018. Be sure to stop by Booth #35 for a quick chat to see what Cipher can do for you! Whether it’s delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, partnering with clients on research and analysis, or advising the C-Suite on effective strategy, the world’s greatest companies trust us to deliver actionable results.

Let’s chat about Knowledge360®

Knowledge360® is our game-changing enterprise software solution that helps save you stay ahead of the competition by collecting, organizing, and analyzing the information necessary to make informed business decisions.

To learn more, view our 90 second video below or read more about Knowledge360 and how it helps centralize your information.