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Cipher Systems will present two educational programs at the 31st Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, May 16-19. This year’s conference entitled, “Collaborative Intelligence in a Networked World,” will focus on the convergence of methodologies, technology and IT that is driving the implementation of intelligence as a decision making tool. Conference topics follow the theme of the Integrated Intelligence™ model. Cipher is offering a half day workshop under the Economic Intelligence topic, and a session in the Tactics Stream.

On Tuesday, May 17, Cipher will lead a half day workshop from 8:30 – 11:30 AM entitled, “Trend Monitoring for Strategic Success.” Cipher Director of Business Development Beau Oliver will lead an overview on how to identify and monitor trends and potential disruptions in an efficient manner to augment and enhance the strategic planning process. This interactive session will explore how to combine skillsets across the organization for effective trend monitoring, and embed CI as a necessary lens in strategy development and decision-making. Participants will learn how to:

  • Best identify, monitor and track key trends and understand their impact on your business.
  • Gain a better understanding of the future market environment and develop predictive CI analysis.
  • Leverage inputs throughout the organization and integrate CI with the rest of the business.

In the afternoon, Cipher will host a session focused on CI Tactical Implementation for those who are executing on decision support for strategic competitive advantage. Oliver will present from 4:35 – 5:35 PM in a breakout entitled, “Do More with Less: Optimize and Enhance Competitive Intelligence Efforts.” The session will cover processes, procedures, and best practices for how to best optimize the time of a CI team in order to provide added value. Key take-aways will include:

  • The processes, procedures, and frameworks to standardize efforts and enhance and streamline the work and outputs of the core CI team and practitioners.
  • Best practices and ways to add further value within the organization (prioritization of efforts, strategic inputs and analysis, etc.).
  • Ways to build and enhance the strategic impact of CI within your organization (less data to add to the decision making pile and more prescriptive analysis and recommendations).
  • A real world example from Cipher's client partner on how best to execute and enhance CI efforts.

Cipher is a Sponsor of the Annual SCIP Conference. Stop by to meet with members of the team at booth #35/36!