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There certainly isn’t a one size fits all approach to constructing or developing the perfect CI capability, but regardless of your size or budget, the concerns remain the same: “Who are my competitors?”; “What are they doing?”; “How will this affect me?”; and “How do I respond?”. No matter who you are or where you are operating your business, the best step you can take is to gain awareness of the most effective tools, concepts, and techniques available to keep ahead of the curve and then customize these to best meet the specific needs of your organization.

If you are attending the SCIP conference in Atlanta, please be sure to stop by Cipher’s booth to learn more about how to develop or enhance a world class CI function, gain better insights to your market and competitors, and to see what is new at Cipher! We have some exciting new developments in the works - Take a sneak peek at our game-changing competitive intelligence toolset, Knowledge.360™, or drop into one of the deep-dive sessions that we will be leading: “Quarterbacking the CI process- A Strategic Workshop” and “Advanced Analysis: When it’s Worth Investing in Structured Techniques and When it’s Not.” We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta! Start a conversation with Cipher today to learn how we can help your company navigate your competitive intelligence function. Learn more by emailing us at info@cipher-sys.com or visiting our website www.cipher-sys.com.