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Attendees of the Strategic Planning Innovation Summit  in New York City this week are encouraged to stop by the Cipher booth for a quick, 5 minute demo of our revolutionary Knowledge360® competitive intelligence solution. Knowledge360® is the game-changing solution that helps save you time and money collecting, organizing, and analyzing the information necessary to make informed business decisions. For more information, view our 90 second video below or schedule a live demonstration.

Our representatives are also available to discuss the latest trends in competitive intelligence  and trend monitoring that will help you develop a strong strategic plan for 2017.

Ask Yourself: Does your team have a strong plan in place? Will your strategy give you an edge on your competition or help you maintain your place in the market? How can your strategy be improved? What new trends are emerging in your industry?

Start a conversation with Cipher today to learn the answers to these questions and find out how we can help your business meet or exceed your 2017 goals.