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Cipher is a proud sponsor of the first-ever CI+S (Competitive Intelligence + Strategy) Event being held on March 28th & 29th in San Francisco, California. This inaugural event aims to bring together CI and strategy professionals from all industries, including Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy, Aerospace, Biotech, Financial Services, IT and many more to focus on three simple things… LEARN. PARTNER. PLAY.

Stop by the Cipher booth to speak with our representatives and see how we can help you with your competitive & market intelligence needs! Are you on Social Media? Be sure to join the conversation online by following us on Twitter (@CipherSysLLC), LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Have you heard about Knowledge360® yet?

Knowledge360® is the game-changing SaaS solution that helps users save time and money collecting, organizing, and analyzing the information necessary to make informed business decisions. Our representatives at the CI+S event are eager to speak to you about Knowledge360®'s applications for your business. Come prepared with questions by checking out our 90-second overview below, downloading our "Guide to Selecting the Right CI Software Solution", and visiting www.tryk360.com. We look forward to seeing you at the event!