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Cipher and James Madison University are joining forces to empower students studying competitive intelligence and business strategy with access to Knowledge360® which will enable them to conduct advanced research projects. Cipher will also support these efforts of students in this program with periodic guest lectures.

“This partnership with JMU is a really exciting step for us,” said Peter Grimm, CEO, Cipher. “We are looking forward to working with these students to shape the future of the competitive intelligence industry and put the tools they will need in the future in their hands today.”

Dr. Qingjiu “Tom” Tao, Assistant Professor at James Madison University, echoes Pete’s enthusiasm, saying “We are excited that, through this partnership, our students will benefit from increased access to real-world analytical challenges and a world-class competitive and market intelligence tool. Knowledge360® is a widely-recognized platform and many of our students are likely to encounter it when they join the workforce so we are thrilled that they have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge amongst their peers.”

Cipher regularly partners with universities and membership associations to drive innovation in the competitive intelligence space.

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