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Cipher is sponsoring a booth at this week’s PharmaCI Conference & Exhibition in Parsippany, NJ. The event—the premier gathering of senior level pharma, biotech, and device professionals—highlights current trends in the Pharmaceuticals industry including the transformative healthcare environment, predictive analytics, and innovative competitive intelligence strategies. Cipher took the opportunity to launch our new Life Sciences module for Knowledge360® at the event and gather some feedback from the attendees.

The Life Sciences module adds even more capability to the robust Knowledge360® platform by integrating three key new datasets specifically for the Life Sciences industries:

  • Regulatory Information: Keep an eye on regulatory updates. Our initial version of this module integrates data from the FDA and will be expanded in subsequent versions to incorporate international data from the EMA and other international regulatory bodies.
  • Clinical Trials Information: Track the progress of your competitors’ products through the trial process.
  • Intellectual Property: Access patent and trademark data directly through the platform.

The new module takes into consideration the rapidly evolving needs of the Life Sciences industries due to regulatory changes, mergers & acquisitions, technological advances, and consumer demands. In the Life Sciences industries, the actionable insights of today inform the business strategy for the next 10 to 15 years and market disruptions can pose a tremendous threat or game-changing opportunity. The Knowledge360® Life Sciences Module offers companies a way to cut costs and maximize the value of their intelligence gathering units with a game-changing competitive intelligence and knowledge management platform.

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