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Discover How One Company Halved Their Time Spent on Secondary Research with Knowledge360®

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Burke case study


The Need: Share Information Internally

The company needed a tool to seamlessly share information across their organization, breaking down internal silos and delivering superior results for their clients.

The Approach: A Thorough Vetting of Vendors

The organization looked at 12 different vendors before selecting Knowledge360  because of its flexibility and Cipher’s understanding of the market research industry.

The Result: Increased Efficiency & Client Service

After implementing Knowledge360, they achieved more timely information sharing, paired with significant time savings for secondary researchers.

About The Market Research Organization

In business for nearly one hundred years, this company has a proud history as a custom market research organization. With a team of more than 500 serving a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, and CPG, the company has wide ranging expertise in all areas of strategy and innovation.

In the fast moving industries in which they operate, leveraging secondary information in a timely, actionable manner is key to success. For them, the ability to easily share information internally helps researchers across the organization discover critical insights, delivering significant value to the company’s clients.

The Inflection Point

The Group Manager's main focus is on integrating secondary research with the company’s primary research to uncover compelling insights for their clients.

But with a small team adapting to the huge disruption of COVID-19, producing high quality reports for all of their clients was stretching bandwidth to the limit. For the team, this was the catalyst to embrace technology, and they knew that by doing so, they could simultaneously address a range of other challenges the team faced.

When evaluating market and competitive intelligence technology platforms to support the team,

they had three key aims: to unlock quicker internal information sharing, to create processes to harness field intelligence from the consultants, and to break down internal silos that prevented the smooth flow of information.

If they could achieve these aims, they knew that the organization could be an even better partner to their clients, positioning themselves as knowledge leaders and quickly developing expertise in new industries.

With a clear set of success criteria in mind, the team evaluated 12 different tools and trialled several platforms to identify the solution that was best equipped to support her vision for the role of secondary intelligence at the company

There was no way we could keep going the way we were

"We had all these challenges that needed solving. We needed to share information more quickly internally. We needed to break down silos between departments. And we needed to get information to our clients and talk about how their industries had been impacted by COVID-19”

- Group Manager

A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Tools Available

The team embarked on a thorough vetting process to find the best competitive intelligence tool for the organization, first evaluating 12 vendors, before whittling their options down to 4 different platforms, which the team spent time trialing.

They found that while all four tools promised improvements to the team’s current processes, only one offered the team the data collection, analysis, and collaboration tools required for success.

After a lengthy trial period, the team confirmed that Knowledge360 was the tool to support their needs. Several key benefits stood out, including:

Collaboration Features

Knowledge360 enabled stakeholders from across the company’s different teams and business units to quickly share and consume market and competitive intelligence.


Real-Time Dashboards

Live dashboards were quickly adopted by internal leadership on down, providing employees with a comprehensive, real-time overview of critical market indicators.


Industry Knowledge

Cipher’s proven track record and industry expertise in market research was a key differentiator for the organization, who felt the Cipher team truly understood their industry.

Continuous Monitoring

The organization’s team would no longer spend hours managing information on slide decks. With Knowledge360 dashboards, they could offer their internal customers instant access and dynamic data updates.

Widespread Adoption Across The Organization

Implementing a tool like Knowledge360 adds a lot of value, but what really drives success is organization-wide adoption of the tool. In that regard, the team reports multiple success stories.

When the team received a last minute request for a proposal, the market intelligence team had to quickly get up to speed on the latest market developments relevant to that client. With Knowledge360, they were able to create a visual dashboard that included real-time information from secondary data sources and insights from the company’s proprietary research tools. The result was a compelling narrative that set the organization apart from its competition.

The team says, “This aggregated perspective of the market was the slide they really gravitated towards. Being able to frame those different sources together quickly is a must and that’s what Knowledge360 helps us with.”

But it’s not just the organization’s external partners that are reaping the benefits of Knowledge360: the platform has been adopted by the company’s most senior leaders. After the team created an executive dashboard to help leadership prepare for a board meeting, the company’s CEO and President asked them to roll out the executive dashboards to their operating committee and board of directors.

Since then, Knowledge360 has become a North Star. Using Knowledge360’s built-in integration to PowerBI, the company has been able to create internal dashboards that pair industry metrics with their performance. All told, this gives the leadership, sales and operations teams a more comprehensive view of business performance.

Our use of Knowledge360 gives us an edge

“Today, we begin conversations from a holistic perspective, weaving together different streams of information to differentiate ourselves from others and demonstrate our value as a partner.

- Group Manager

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