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At Cipher, we often get questions about how various features of Knowledge360, our Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) hub, help organizations deliver the insights and intelligence needed to compete more effectively. 

Innovative technology that helps competitive intelligence professionals collect and  analyze data and information, and share competitive intelligence insights seamlessly, makes Knowledge360 a one-stop intelligence hub for your entire organization. Many organizations we speak with have never used a platform this comprehensive, and may have just realized the way they have been doing  Competitive Intelligence (CI) is no longer working.  

If that’s you, welcome. By taking the first steps to building and maintaining a deep understanding of your market, customers, and competitors, you’re well on the way to competing more effectively.

Often, competitive intelligence initiatives are launched reactively in response to an organization being surprised by some unforeseen event. However, without the right strategy, technology, or team in place, competitive intelligence can quickly become unmanageable. It’s all too easy for teams to get lost in the vast sea of data, struggle to find time for insightful analysis, and ultimately fail to deliver high quality competitive intelligence.

Successful competitive intelligence initiatives focus on arming decision makers with the insights they need to make critical strategic decisions with a high degree of confidence. By adopting a platform like Knowledge360, that goal becomes much more achievable for CI teams, no matter what industry they’re in.

Below, we’ll answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about Knowledge360, and explore how you can start using Knowledge360 to realize your market and competitive intelligence goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Knowledge360 Improve the Competitive Intelligence Process?

Knowledge360 acts as a true intelligence hub, connecting teams across your organization to the intelligence they need in real-time. The platform drives game-changing improvements to the CI process in three key areas:

Collect: Knowledge360 offers the most comprehensive set of data sources on the market, with integrations to dozens of premium data sources and the ability to import your own data. Even better, Knowledge360’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools automatically organize and tag all data added regardless of its source.  

How does this change your day-to-day life?  You, your team, and your users don’t need to remember where information is saved. Gone are the days of keeping a sticky note on your monitor with the path to some faraway server… Knowledge360’s tagging allows users to search without knowing where a document is saved or remembering a complex taxonomy used to catalog the information. Users search all your information the same way they use search engines with free text searches. 

Discover: It’s easy to determine the signal from the noise with customizable dashboards that track developments in important business units, competitors, and markets. All data is updated in real-time and key insights arrive at decision-makers fingertips instantaneously. 

How does this change your day-to-day life? Since your insights and information are shared via dynamically updated dashboards, you no longer have to update static PowerPoint decks, battle cards, or monthly reports. Think of how much more time you’ll have to analyze data when you are no longer copying and pasting information from one system into documents that are emailed to your users.  

Collaborate: Knowledge360 comes with a range of reporting and collaboration tools that enable organizations to build a culture of competitive intelligence, sharing critical intelligence with stakeholders across the organization in real-time. 

How does this change your day-to-day life? Without a system like Knowledge360, most CI teams produce their reports and analysis, sharing it without actually hearing any feedback about it. They don’t know what questions were asked, or the conversations that took place in the room. And that context is really useful when making sure that the next thing they write is relevant and on target. So, rather than sending an email out with “Hey this news just broke.” Teams share the article from Knowledge360 with their analysis. Now all of the context and discussions that used to happen via email are captured within the platform. Preserving these comments and conversations empowers the intelligence team to be more focused and specific with additional related information and insights they provide going forward.

How does Knowledge360 save analysts time?

There are many ways a tool like Knowledge360 saves analysts time. Today, analysts spend too much of their time working on manually sourcing and organizing data. According to a recent survey Cipher commissioned  with Forrester Research, 94% of M/CI leaders in the life sciences industry believe their organizations spend too much time collecting and organizing data. Our tool allows analysts to collect news, RSS feeds (Google Alerts), changes to a competitor’s website, email from co-workers and subscription data in one location.

Knowledge360 automates the majority of the data collection and tagging process, giving analysts 45% more time to spend on impactful analysis work that drives high-quality intelligence. 

Another way Knowledge360 saves analysts time? Streamlining the way that M/CI teams work with external vendors. Many organizations rely heavily on third-party M/CI vendors, but the way organizations engage with external vendors tends to be plagued with inefficiencies

Knowledge360 acts as a central intelligence hub that helps analysts manage vendor engagements more efficiently. The platform tracks the previous performance of vendors, captures project deliverables, and acts as a repository for all information generated during third party projects outsourced to trusted CI partners. This centralizes insights and eliminates repetitive and redundant vendor engagements, freeing analysts up to spend more time focusing on the bigger picture. 

How does Knowledge360 help me discover new information?

Many M/CI teams spend far too much time collecting and organizing datasets. This is inherently a low-value task. When it comes to sourcing and categorizing large datasets, technology is much more efficient than humans. 

Knowledge360 comes with pre-bundled connections to a huge variety of leading data sources. Instead of searching out data sources for your organization, everything comes to you. The platform supports a wide range of data, including 600,000 major news outlets, numerous government agencies, as well as premium third-party data sources like Crunchbase and

By automating the routine work of data collection, M/CI teams unlock more time to spend on analysis, which is where the real value is derived from M/CI work. When all of your data is within Knowledge360’s our machine learning technology surfaces relevant data in real-time, ensuring your team never misses a major event. Instead of searching for information, it’s served right up to you, saving your team time and helping your analysts develop new insights.  

How does Knowledge360 manage my information?

In the past, competitive intelligence has required a careful, librarian-style approach to managing taxonomies to ensure information is appropriately categorized. But as organizations grapple with managing an ever-increasing amount of data and an increase in the number and diversity of requests for insights, this approach becomes unmanageable and slow, failing to meet the needs of today’s intelligent company. .

Knowledge360 uses innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to tag information automatically. This ensures that the most relevant data is surfaced in real-time, making CI teams more agile to emerging threats. For companies in need of a custom taxonomy,  users can build tagging schemes based on custom taxonomies that match specific industry terms commonly used in their organization. 

Once information has been gathered, it’s a straightforward process for users to find it in the system. Knowledge360 users can search the entire system, scanning for every available piece of information from a huge array of data sources. It’s also possible to conduct more advanced searches and our “saved search” feature allows users to hone in on exactly the information they’re looking for in no time at all. 

Whether you add information from a newsletter subscription, field intelligence from a trade show, or an employee email, Knowledge360 will apply the same NLP and tagging to that information. This means it will automatically be surfaced and available to anyone who needs it, anywhere across the organization.

How does Knowledge360 help people across the organization access competitive intelligence insights?

The Knowledge360 platform makes it easy for M/CI analysts to collaborate both with each other, and with other stakeholders in the organization. 

Analysts can build customized dashboards that show real-time market updates. These dashboards can cover competitors, business units, or entire markets, and all relevant information is fed into them in real-time. Data can be visualized using Knowledge360’s built-in integrations with Tableau and PowerBI

Rather than writing periodic competitive intelligence reports before important meetings, decision makers can access insights right at the point in time they need them with our dynamically updated dashboards. This expands access to critical competitive intelligence and streamlines the entire decision making process.

How Do I Get Started with Knowledge360?

We always begin with a full demonstration of the Knowledge360 platform. We’ll share more about how the platform works, explain the key features, and discuss how your team can best use the platform.

Following the demo, we’ll work with you to determine the right plan for your organization. You’ll be assigned a Customer Success Representative to guide you from the onboarding and training process, through the life of your subscription. Your CSR is your partner when it comes to making sure you’re fully up to speed within the platform. They’re also there to help you put Knowledge360 to work to transform the way your organization competes, ensuring you get as much value out of the platform as possible. 

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