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Discover How a Healthcare Company Uses Knowledge360Ⓡ to Collaborate Globally on Competitive Intelligence

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The Need: Unite Global Commercial Teams

With a new CEO, rapid globalization, and a network of siloed business units in different regions, the Healthcare company needed a way to improve collaboration, and fast.

The Solution: Build a Common Operating Picture

The company aimed to build a centralized intelligence platform that every team and every business leader could use to access and share competitive intelligence

The Result: Tailored Dashboards for Every Region and Business

After implementing Knowledge360Ⓡ, the organization’s business leaders could quickly share comprehensive insights around their industries in real-time.

About the Company

A global healthcare company headquartered in Europe, this organization specializes in manufacturing and distributing life-saving medicines and technologies used to care for critically and chronically ill patients. 

The company is a global leader in the infusion, transfusion, and clinical nutrition markets. Their products and services are used across the care continuum, from research labs to patient clinics, and feature market-leading technologies that save the lives of patients around the world.

With more than 40,000 employees, rapid global growth, and operations in dozens of markets, collaborating to build a shared universal view of the business had always been a challenge for competitive intelligence leaders.

Building a Global View

“We wanted to make a centralized platform where all of our commercial teams, all across the world, can access, share, and discuss competitive intelligence.”

Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Global Healthcare Company

Uniting Global Commercial Teams

One day, the Manager of Strategy & Business Development, was tasked by his boss to create a ‘common operating picture’ that combined the entirety of their market and competitive intelligence in one centralized location.

The challenge? The company operates in a variety of different verticals, in a huge range of geographic markets all over the world. 

It was clear the organization needed to build a centralized intelligence platform, one that would break down existing business unit and regional silos and encourage global collaboration on market and competitive intelligence initiatives.

Rolling Out Knowledge360

The Manager of Strategy & Business Development initially started out in the same place many competitive intelligence efforts do, with a Sharepoint site. But he quickly ran into barriers getting colleagues around the world to adopt it. As he started looking around for a solution that better suited the company’s needs, he landed on Knowledge360.


Of course, rolling out a new software platform to regional business leaders around the world wasn’t without challenges. But he took a strategic approach, implementing several key actions to ensure successful adoption:

Build a Coalition of Power Users

Early on, the manager realized there was only so much he could do alone. He needed to build a network of power users across key business units and regions. To help, he recruited Regional Leads responsible for acting as change agents in company markets around the world.

Custom Dashboards for Local Leaders

In an organization of this size, local leaders have different intelligence needs. In addition to building out global views, the importance of empowering and educating local leaders on how to build custom dashboards focussed on strategic and tactical insights into their own markets was priceless. 

Regular Knowledge360 Reports

The manager began producing weekly CI reports and sharing them with key stakeholders across the organization. Sharing key insights, like the news that a competitor was opening a new facility, serves two purposes: sparking strategic conversations about competitive intelligence, and creating a timeline of competitive developments. 

Tutorials on Key Features

Every time he sends out a Knowledge360 report, the manager includes a short tutorial on a specific Knowledge360 feature: examples include how to submit field intelligence, or how to search for particular documents. Over time, this awareness and education campaign has helped onboard more users to Knowledge360, and increased company-wide collaboration.

A Global Intelligence Platform

Since implementing Knowledge360, competitive intelligence at this global healthcare company has evolved. Commercial leaders around the globe are leveraging Knowledge360 to access, contribute, and share competitive intelligence.

Knowledge360 doesn’t just act as a static document repository for an organization: it’s a dynamic source of information and insights that employees throughout the organization are adding information to every day. It’s changing the way business units across the company compete in markets all over the world.

But perhaps best of all is the agility that Knowledge360 has brought to the table. Now, the manager and his team can quickly access a wealth of information, reducing the burden of collecting and organizing new data, and enabling them to share important insights with decision makers quicker than ever.

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“We pull a lot of industry-specific information out of Knowledge360 that gives us a really clear read of what’s happening in our markets. With dashboards tailored to distinct regions and business units, we’re able to leverage both tactical and strategic insights in our markets.”

–– Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Global Healthcare Company

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