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Finding Signal Through the Noise

Stop spending time separating signal from noise. Zero in on analyzing the relevant data.

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AI-powered search features help you discover the most relevant information.


Custom dashboards automatically organize and display the information you want at a glance.


Spend more of your time where it matters: analyzing information and generating insights.

Harness the full power of AI.

AI-based tagging and search features mean you'll never miss an important piece of data again.

Search Everything

Every search scans every available piece of information from documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations to news and premium data sources.


Semantic Search

Access advanced features like boolean searches, metadata searches, and even drill down on trends through layers of filters pre-loaded into the system

"I also love that as you 'like' certain content the AI learns and includes more like it."

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- Small Business User in Management Consulting

Simple and flexible customization.

Build your own custom dashboards quickly and easily to display the information you want at a glance.

Pharma Dashboard-1

Competitor Profiles

Build dashboards specifically for monitoring individual competitors in real-time.

Executive Dashboards

Display relevant analyses or high-level strategic information for board members or executives.

Market Dashboards

Monitor for major disruptions in your market or industry and get alerted before it's too late.

Battle Systems

Why stop at battle cards, when you can build entire battle systems for your sales team (that update in real time).

Product Dashboards

Keep a pulse on individual product or service offerings that may create future competition.


Build dashboards for benchmarking your performance directly against the players in your market.

"You can fully customize your dashboards, create an unlimited number of them as well as share them with team members."

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- Small Business User in Management Consulting

Analyze data right in the system.

Use built-in visualization and analysis tools or take advantage of our flexible integrations with the visualization tools you already use.

Analyze - SWOT

SWOT Analysis

SWOT visualizations can be built right into dashboards and updated real-time wherever they appear.


Display analysis right in Knowledge360 using bar charts, line charts, spider diagrams and more.

Financial Data

Make sense of financial and benchmarking data from out-of-the-box or custom sources.


Data Visualization Integrations

Seamless integrations with tools like Tableau® or Microsoft Power BI means you can visualize information however you want, right in Knowledge360.

Ready to evolve the way you compete?

Let us show you how it looks to change the way intelligence is mobilized across your organization and transform the way your intelligence function operates.

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