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Deb Kemp

Customer Success Specialist

Deb Kemp Bio Photo

About Deb

Originally from Canada, Deb Kemp now lives in a semi-empty nest in Harrisburg, PA. 

Her career stints include market research and part of the Global Knowledge and Insights team at The Hershey Company. Her recent work has included various roles within digital marketing, web development, and media placement agencies but always landed client-facing. 

In her spare time, Deb enjoys home projects, bike rides on rail trails, and Penn State football games. She is also the ”special needs human” for one incredibly needy dog and a cat with severe allergies. 

Fun Facts: Other than Mama, her favorite title was “Vice President of the Ladies Restroom.” She also spent a very brief period as an International Sausage Smuggler and a Catamaran Captain.