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Free Download: The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Maintaining a deep understanding of your market, your customers and your competitors is key to success. Gathering the data around these three factors and pulling actionable insights from that data is a strategic practice called competitive intelligence.

CI UsesIf you're new to competitive intelligence (CI), it can seem like an overwhelming process.

Even experienced intelligence prac
titioners may struggle to develop the competitive intelligence function within their own businesses. But leading companies understand that it's essential for developing new products, protecting their sensitive business information and sparking innovation in a continuously evolving industry.

With 20+ years of experience in the CI field, we at Cipher have condensed our insights into the Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence to help you develop this process for maximum value to your business. In this guide, we will:

  • Explain why competitive intelligence is valuable to your business
  • Discuss the state of play for competitive intelligence in different industries
  • Communicate the value of competitive intelligence for marketers
  • Offer helpful outside resources for getting started with competitive intelligence, and
  • Discuss some key competitive intelligence tools and tactics 

Are you ready to begin using competitive intelligence to navigate your market with lasting success? Download our guide to get started.

Download the "Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence"