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Automate Your Competitor Tracking

Your market is evolving every day as new start-ups enter the market, competitors merge and acquire others, and new technologies are developed. Keep track of all of these competitor and market developments with a competitive intelligence automation software.

Keeping track of your competition can be a full-time job. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the resources to dedicate a person (or team) 100% to this task.

In many cases, the responsibility for competitive intelligence falls to a small group of individuals spread across different departments and geographies. This makes it very challenging to bring together competitive intelligence in a centralized manner, develop actionable competitor analysis, and share that information with the larger organization.

Join us for a 30-minute session that covers the basics of competitor tracking and demonstrates how the competitive intelligence tool, Knowledge360®, automates the collection, organization, and sharing of competitive intelligence. This session will include insights from our Director of Research, Fred Hoffman, and a live demonstration of Knowledge360® from our VP of Sales, Mike Irving.

Key takeaways:

  • Key considerations and best practices for competitor tracking
  • Solutions for gathering competitive intelligence from a globally-dispersed organization
  • Real-life examples of competitor tracking in Knowledge360®  
Competitor Tracking Made Easy with Knowledge360®

Smarter, Faster Decisions With Intelligence Software

Acknowledged by SCIP as a best-in-class CI solution, Knowledge360® makes it easy to aggregate and visualize information so you spend less time searching and more time making strategic decisions.

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