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A strong competitive strategy is essential to growing your market share and expanding into new markets.

HubSpot Video

As part of your competitive strategy, it is critical to maintain an awareness of your competitive landscape and changing market conditions to identify new opportunities and mitigate risk from market disruptions (such as new technologies or start-ups). 

Join Derek Heiss, Director of Consulting for Cipher, for a 30-minute presentation that highlights some of the common challenges companies face when planning their competitive strategy and how to overcome them. Derek will discuss the benefits of a utilizing a blended model for strategic planning that incorporates both a software solution and a strategy consultant to support your corporate intelligence strategy.

This presentation will feature a live demonstration from our VP of Sales, Mike Irving, of Knowledge360® and its applications before, during, and after a strategic plan has been put into action.

Key takeaways:

  • Common challenges in the strategic planning process and how to overcome them
  • When to combine a software solution with strategy consulting for maximum ROI
  • Practical applications for a software solution before, during, and after strategic planning