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Evolve the way your organization competes.

Get the real-time information to make the right organizational decisions sooner.

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Changing the way intelligence is mobilized.

What if you had the information you needed for major organizational or strategic decisions in your hand in real-time?

Analysis in an Instant

Get access to the data you desperately need, immediately be notified of insights produced by analysts, and stay on top of important changes in your market landscape.


Stop the Cycle

Break the typical CI "Cycle of Death." Our mission is to transform the traditional reactive approach to CI into an effective CI program that will provide dividends long-term.

"Cipher has a clear understanding of our strategic needs and have helped us to prioritize our investments over time and grow in a smart manner."

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- Director of Strategic Intelligence, Enterprise Healthcare Organization

Discover & Plan

Market intelligence and competitive intelligence consulting services to drive the insights you need.


Predict & Analyze

Execute predictive market research projects in days and generate better, more accurate results.


Monitor & Collaborate

Meet Knowledge360, the game changer in market & competitive intelligence software.


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Market & Competitive Intelligence Tools Buyer’s Guide

Learn more about the types of tools on the market, and which one is best fit for your team.

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Leading with Intelligence

Browse some of our most recent content specifically for leaders to leverage market and competitive intelligence to improve the speed and quality of their strategic processes.

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