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Grow your Business with Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence has been utilized by high-stakes industries for decades to maintain a competitive edge. Today competitive intelligence is a collaborative function designed to help businesses grow through smarter decision-making.  

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Competitive Intelligence Use Cases


Building a Central Repository

Collect, search, analyze, and report on competitive intelligence from a central hub.

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Eliminating Inefficiencies

Improve access to information for a more efficient competitive intelligence process.

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Empowering Your Team

Build competitor profiles, battle cards and SWOT analyses for your sales and marketing teams to compete smarter.

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Disrupting the Market

Enter new markets with your core differentiation and competitive strategy ready to go.

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Make Smarter, Faster Decisions

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Consulting Services

With more than 20 years of experience in competitive intelligence and a diverse team of strategists, researchers, and analysts, Cipher is the trusted partner of the Fortune 500 for CI services and expertise. 

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Keep an Eye on Your Market and Competition

Competitive Intelligence Software

Knowledge360® is the only SaaS solution on the market that supports every aspect of the intelligence process — dramatically freeing up your team to allow them to focus on what they do best: developing strategic insights and actionable market analysis.

Assess Your Competitive Landscape


Outsource Your Competitive Intelligence Function

CIpher-as-a-Service (CIaaS)

Cipher is the only firm certified for both software and services by the industry's leading membership association, SCIP. Our CIaaS solution provides streamlined access to our award-winning software and consulting teams to provide full-spectrum support for all of your CI needs. 

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We sought Cipher’s expert services in our efforts to gain insight into the competitive market of wellness and health management platforms and Cipher went above and beyond our expectations to understand the nuances of our industry. The Cipher team was easy to work with and conducted invaluable research that yielded multi-dimensional reports on competitive pricing models and capabilities to help inform our marketing strategy.


Joe Terrion - President | New Ocean Health Solutions

Cipher has been an instrumental partner as our organization prepares for the potential launch of our first commercial product and beyond. Their overall industry knowledge, combined with expert consultants, has allowed our organization to identify key challenges and opportunities within the competitive landscape.


Megan Lund - Market Insight Lead | Insmed

Better Understand Your Market and Competitors

Get competitive strategy insights from the experts at Cipher


Competitor Tracking Made Easy with Knowledge360®

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Maximizing Your Investment in a Strategy Consultant

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The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

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