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Collect: Knowledge & Data Collection

Your successful journey begins with the right competitive intelligence research.

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Data Collection is a Cornerstone of Your Competitive Strategy

Data overload is a real problem. You want to make sure your competitive strategy is founded in relevant, accurate data. But who has time to identify, search, locate, collect and organize all that data, while still making use of it?

Data Collection, Taxonomy & Organization

We’ve seen that when automating routine tasks with the right CI software, such as information collection and organization, your team will get to spend up to 45% more time on analysis.

Collect - Automated Tagging

Automated Tagging with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Knowledge360 uses NLP technology and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver robust automatic metadata tagging. This filtering allows users to go from a wide, general, noisy view of content down to a very narrow, specific view. Content added to the system is processed in three stages: identify, disqualify, and disambiguate.

Knowledge360 automatically tags content with Organizations, People, and Locations. Content that is tagged includes News, Press Releases, Job Postings, Documents, Field Intelligence, and Inquiries. Content is tagged automatically using natural language processing, specifically the system identifies those entities based on the semantic context in which they are found. 

Our AI reduces the "noise" with contextual tagging vs. keyword based filtering, provides you the ability to discover new information and reduce missed opportunities, is easier to setup and manage, and helps to break down organizational information silos.

NLP vs. Traditional Taxonomies

Collect - Custom Tags & Searches

Custom Tags & Searches

Get all the benefits of automation with natural language processing and automated tagging with custom tags and searches. If you have specific terms or company vernacular you want to include, all you have to do is add customized searches for those terms.

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"K360 pushes the needed information to me; that means I don't have to dig around online to find it!"

- Mid-Market User in Education Management

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Data Sources

Out-of-the-Box, Knowledge360 includes the most comprehensive set of data sources on the market.


Out-of-the-Box Data Sources

Get access to all of the data sources you need, right out of the box, including: FACTSET, Crunchbase, SEC Filings (EDGAR Database), Job Boards (Indeed), Company Reviews (Glassdoor), live stock ticker feeds, Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), National Institutes of Health (clinicaltrails.gov), US Patent and Trademark Office, and more.

You also have access to aggregated news from over 600,000 global sources. You can also pull in customized RSS feeds and Google Alerts.

Collect - Field Intelligence

Field Intelligence

Gather raw intelligence information from any staff member, across the globe or in the field through a mobile-optimized interface.

Users can add records with or without attachments in the field intelligence area. Records can be added through the user interface or via email.

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Collect - Upload Field Intelligence

Custom Research Sources

Want to pull in primary research data on top of our extensive data sources? No problem.

Integrate existing third-party data assets into competitive intelligence strategic frameworks in real or near-real time with our drag and drop widget tool.

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"The platform works with a ton of third-party data partners, so once you are in, all of the content is already there."

- Mid-Market Executive Sponsor in Management Consulting

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Competitor Monitoring & Benchmarking

Understanding how you measure up to competitors, and keeping a pulse on what they are doing is key in executing your competitive intelligence research.

Collect - Web Tracking

Web Tracking

Web Watch is used to monitor changes made to a specified web pages on your competitor's websites that you want to keep tabs on.

You can even set up real-time alerts so you know the second something changes with pricing, product features or competitive positioning.

Collect - Social Monitoring

Social Monitoring

Knowing how your competitors interact with their audience is important in benchmarking your own digital efforts.

Knowledge360 offers three social media widgets to track competitor activity: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Collect - Benchmarking Data

Benchmarking Data

Benchmarking your success against competitor, or within your specified market will help you understand your competitive position.

You can use built-in financial data for benchmarking or even build out your own unique benchmarks based on custom data sets.

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Knowledge360 at a Glance

Collect: Knowledge & Data Collection

Gather, organize and enrich the information you need to set your competitive strategy. Solid, trustworthy data provides the foundation for a winning strategy.


Discover: Dashboards, Search & User Experience

Find signal amongst the noise. An intelligent, automated way to find the right information at the right time will help you discover big insights that will set you apart from the competition.

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Analyze: Analysis & Reporting Features

Everything you need to generate insights, make decisions and use the information you have. Spend more time analyzing, acting and increasing marketshare.

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Collaborate: Features for Sharing & Communicating

Built-in sharing and collaboration tools turn Knowledge360 into an internal web publishing platform for ultimate collaboration across teams, departments and geographical distances.

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Overarching - Data Visualization

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Watch our video demo to get a better idea of how Knowledge360 looks under the hood, or get a custom live demo from a member of our knowledgable team. See what we did there?

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