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Collaborate: Features for Sharing & Communicating

Getting your entire team on the same page is the most important part of your competitive intelligence function.

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Share Fast to Act Faster

Competitive intelligence research is only valuable once it has been analyzed. Built-in sharing and collaboration tools turn Knowledge360® into an internal cloud-based publishing platform for frictionless participation across teams, departments and locations.

Break Down Organizational Silos

Bring your entire team together to act on competitor, market or trend information more quickly and effectively.

Collaborate - Projects

Cross-Department Collaboration

Every department in your organization contributes to your market position and differentiation, including: product development, corporate strategy, sales, marketing, operations, customer service, board members, and compliance teams.

Seamlessly connect these teams from across your organization to a single source of information and insight.

Collaborate - Breaking Down

Break Down Geographic Barriers

Make it easier than ever for global teams to communicate and collaborate to improve the competitive position of your brand.

Stop relying solely on manual internal communication. Intelligence shared by one team is immediately tagged, searchable and discoverable by a team on the other side of the globe.

"Much more than the original Competitive Intelligence concept it was meant to be. We have adopted as an internal Web publishing platform to allow departments to communicate and share their information with the entire company."

- Enterprise User in Marketing Research & Intelligence

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Collaboration Features

Every part of Knowledge360 is built to foster collaboration and break down barriers.

Collaboration - Integrations


Out-of-the-box, Knowledge360® will connect with many of the tools and resources you already use, including: Slack, Yammer, RSS feeds, Quip, SharePoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Tableau, and more.

We can also help you build custom integrations, making any tool compatible with Knowledge360®.

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Collaboration - Dashboards Reports Alerts & Email

Dashboards, Reports & Alerts

Our intuitive widget-and-dashboard framework allows each individual user to create an infinite number of customized dashboards, which they can share with select colleagues, groups of colleagues, or your entire organization.

Collaboration capabilities are pre-built into the system, including the ability to like and  comment on reports, newsletters, battlecards, or projects, email information right from the system, and configure automated alerts tailored to individual needs.

"For a multinational with no central communication services like us, the ease of use and customization abilities were key to success."

- Enterprise User in Marketing Research & Intelligence

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Knowledge360 at a Glance

Collect: Knowledge & Data Collection

Gather, organize and analyze the information you need to set your competitive strategy. Comprehensive, trustworthy data provides the foundation for a winning strategy.

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Discover: Dashboards, Search & User Experience

Find signal amongst the noise. An intelligent, automated way to find the right information at the right time will help you discover big insights that will set you apart from the competition.

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Analyze: Analysis & Reporting Features

Everything you need to generate insights, make decisions and use the information you have. Spend more time analyzing, acting and increasing marketshare.

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Collaborate: Features for Sharing & Communicating

Built-in sharing and collaboration tools turn Knowledge360 into an internal web publishing platform for ultimate collaboration across teams, departments and geographical distances.

Overarching - Data Visualization

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Watch our video demo to get a better idea of how Knowledge360 looks under the hood, or get a custom live demo from a member of our knowledgable team. See what we did there?

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