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Analyze: Competitor Analysis & Reporting Features

Everything you need to generate insights, make decisions and use the information you have.

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Spend More Time Analyzing

Everything Knowledge360 provides in the Collect and Discover phases of your competitive intelligence research is meant to give you the most relevant and recent information so you have more time to analyze and act.

Data Visualizations & Resources

It's time to stop thinking small, going to battle with cards isn't enough, start building an entire custom battle system.

Analyze - SWOT

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the most well known tools for understanding and measuring the overall strategic position of your organization within its market.

Use it to identify market opportunities and where your competitors are vulnerable. plan strategic initiatives that will best help you win against the competition and gain market share.

Analyze - Battlecard

More Than Battlecards

Arm your leadership, sales, product development and marketing  teams with key competitor intelligence when they need it the most.

Build and share a battle system for your team within the Knowledge360 platform. Centralize revenue, organizational, go-to-market, news, field intelligence and more in a single location ensuring your teams are working from the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.


Charts & Financial Data

Build custom dashboards to help visualize the differences or similarities you have with your competitors. Bring clarity to where you fit in the market.

Chart types include bar charts, line charts, spider diagrams and more. Our integration with Tableau® allows you to edit your Tableau® visuals from inside Knowledge360. 

"GUI interface [and] easy design makes it easy to build."

- Enterprise User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

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Competitor Benchmarking

Understanding how you measure up to competitors, and automated data reporting will help you make better decisions faster.

Analyze - Custom Benchmarking

Custom Benchmarking Dashboards & Reports

Benchmark your performance against the players in your market like never before.

Build custom benchmark dashboards and reports including any information from our built-in data sources, web monitoring on competitor sites, financial data, or even incorporate your own custom data sets.

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"Each business is a bit different in what is important to them and Knowledge360 allows you to truly tailor your dashboards and views to information that is directly related and important to you."

- User in Computer Software

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Customize & Automate Reporting

Send breaking news, custom reports, or reveal key insights directly from the system to individual users or groups.

Bulding Reports

Building Reports

Flag key news, documents or your insights and analysis to reports that can be easily formatted into newsletters to distribute content to all of your stakeholders.

You can include any relevant information in reports, and structure them any way you like. You'll also have access to starter reports and templates to get you going.

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Knowledge360 at a Glance

Collect: Knowledge & Data Collection

Gather, organize and enrich the information you need to set your competitive strategy. Solid, trustworthy data provides the foundation for a winning strategy.

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Discover: Dashboards, Search & User Experience

Find signal amongst the noise. An intelligent, automated way to find the right information at the right time will help you discover big insights that will set you apart from the competition.

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Analyze: Analysis & Reporting Features

Everything you need to generate insights, make decisions and use the information you have. Spend more time analyzing, acting and increasing marketshare.

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Collaborate: Features for Sharing & Communicating

Built-in sharing and collaboration tools turn Knowledge360 into an internal web publishing platform for ultimate collaboration across teams, departments and geographical distances.

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Overarching - Data Visualization

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Watch our video demo to get a better idea of how Knowledge360 looks under the hood, or get a custom live demo from a member of our knowledgable team. See what we did there?

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