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Anticipate Disruption

Better understand how disruption happens, determine where you are most vulnerable, and convert threats into opportunities.


Benchmark Competitors

Find out how you truly stack up against the competition, and gear up to deploy more effective strategies.


Tactical Intelligence

Arm your team with key insights to help them compete more effectively in the marketplace.


Build and plan strategically.

Our strategic advisory services are built to help you gain deep insights into your market or competitors, and to build an anticipatory mechanism to prepare for major changes.

M/CI Capability Building

We'll help you apply years of knowledge on how ‘the best’ organizations approach competitive intelligence to stand-up a top-notch CI team.


Scenario Planning and Wargaming

Using government intelligence practices and strategic thinking concepts, we'll help you anticipate market and competitive developments.

Strategic Planning

With plenty of Big-4 know-how and experience in our consulting team, we'll help you make a solid plan from the ground up.


Counter-CI and Risk Mitigation

Military counter-intelligence and planning techniques help you reduce uncertainty, and prepare for disruption.

"Invaluable research that helped inform our marketing strategy."

We sought Cipher’s expert services in our efforts to gain insight into the competitive market of wellness and health management platforms and Cipher went above and beyond our expectations to understand the nuances of our industry. The Cipher team was easy to work with and conducted invaluable research that yielded multi-dimensional reports on competitive pricing models and capabilities to help inform our marketing strategy.

Joe Terrion, President, New Ocean Health Solutions

Continuous intelligence generation.

Competitive intelligence isn't a one-and-done activity. Continuous monitoring and dynamically updated intelligence is the only way to truly compete .

info planning process

Competitor Assessments

Primary and secondary intelligence to understand a competitive landscape.


Customer interviews to see trends in won/lost accounts and/or bids.

Market Modeling

Quantitative modeling to predict a market.

Pricing Intelligence

Benchmarking of price points.

Monitoring and Alerts

Alerts system to watch trends, disruptors, and differentiators, as they happen.


Snapshots on competitors to understand how to sell against them.

Regular Reporting

Monthly or quarterly reporting system to summarize major relevant events and implications

Due Diligences

Profiles on individuals and businesses for hiring or partnering decisions.

Customer Experience Research

Quantify a multitude of touchpoints that influence motivation, loyalty, and engagement.

Market Opportunity Research

Quantify market variables and their individual impact to better understand competitive landscape.

Corporate and Brand Image Research

Understand the value and significance of your brand, and uncover areas where your brand is unique.

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"Identify key challenges and opportunities within the competitive landscape."

Cipher has been an instrumental partner as our organization prepares for the potential launch of our first commercial product and beyond. Their overall industry knowledge, combined with expert consultants, has allowed our organization to identify key challenges and opportunities within the competitive landscape.

Megan Lund, Market Insight Lead, Insmed

Making leadership more effective.

Bringing competitive intelligence into major business decisions, and having access to continuous, real-time intelligence changes the way you compete.

CI as a Service

You'll get access to our Knowledge360 platform, plus dedicated continuous support from our team.

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Leadership Support

Set up reporting and analysis to enable functional decisions across departments like Executive Management, Sales, Marketing, Product, and more.

Strategic Initiative Support

We can deliver in-depth analyses and presentation of findings for major projects and initiatives so that you can better move forward on them.


Tools and Templates

Empower your project management team with custom tools, templates, models, and deliverables.

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