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Get Back to What You Love About Intelligence.

You got into this line of work because you love digging into analysis. Let us help you get back to that.

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Reinventing the role of the analyst.

We are on a mission to help analysts get back to what they love. Everything we do is about bringing the joy back into being an intelligence analyst.

Less Blah, More Analysis

Spend less time in the dredges of monotony: collecting data, tagging data, and organizing data. We believe you should spend your time where it is most valuable: on analysis.


Provide More Value

Our entire mission is to help you provide more value to the organization by allowing you to be more efficient and effective, and fostering better collaboration with other teams.

John Healy

We’re able to leverage both tactical and strategic insights

“We pull a lot of industry-specific information out of Knowledge360 that gives us a really clear read of what’s happening in our markets. With dashboards tailored to distinct regions and business units, we’re able to leverage both tactical and strategic insights in every market.”

John Healy, Manager, Strategy & Business Development at Fresenius Kabi

Discover & Plan

Market intelligence and competitive intelligence consulting services to drive the insights you need.


Predict & Analyze

Execute predictive market research projects in days and generate better, more accurate results.


Monitor & Collaborate

Meet Knowledge360, the game changer in market and competitive intelligence software.


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The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Great for beginners or a helpful refresher for seasoned professionals.

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"K360 pushes the needed information to me; that means I don't have to dig around online to find it!"

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- Mid-Market User in Education Management

Ready to evolve the way you compete?

Let us show you how it looks to change the way intelligence is mobilized across your organization and transform the way your intelligence function operates.

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