Competitive & Market Intelligence

Understand your competitive environment

For more than 20 years, Cipher has delivered on our commitment to help our clients better understand their competitors' strategies, determine their relative position in the marketplace, and leverage market insights strategically to maximize their competitive advantage. We help our clients effectively harness competitive, market, and business intelligence to develop actionable insights. We then take it to the next level by turning those insights into detailed strategic recommendations that help our clients “see around the corner” when making important decisions.

Our Services

Market Dynamics

Know your market inside and out.

Our team deploys a variety of specialized techniques to build a robust market intelligence profile. Our marketplace assessment includes a value chain analysis, customer profiles, surveys, interviews, data analysis and industry expertise, producing a 360° view that is complete, insightful, and actionable. 

  • Marketplace Assessment
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Customer Profiles
  • Surveys & Interviews

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Competitive Landscape

Propel your business forward.

Businesses strive to innovate so they can capture new sources of growth. Cipher maps out the competitive landscape, including business profiles, up-to-the-minute product information, win/loss analyses, competitive benchmarking and monitoring, ensuring that, as your competitors plan their next move, you stay a step ahead.

  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Competitor & Product Profiles
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Monitoring
  • Win/Loss Analysis

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Risk Analysis 

Disrupt the would-be disruptors.

Market disruptions are a modern-day fact of life. Minimize your risk, while identifying emerging opportunities and threats. We identify and monitor emerging trends, facilitate wargaming and scenario planning exercises, provide overseas partner due diligence and offer third party risk assessments. We provide global, comprehensive risk intelligence to help protect against unpleasant surprises.

  • Trend Identification & Monitoring
  • Scenario Planning & Wargaming
  • Overseas Partner Due Diligence
  • Third Party Risk

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