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Competitor Analysis Template

Downloadable template to help you better understand your competitors.

This template is part of our competitor analysis resource center. Visit the complete competitor analysis resource center for more content like this.

Understanding your competitors is a cornerstone to how you plan your business, make strategic decisions and determine your course of action. Healthy businesses regularly run a competitor SWOT analysis to bring structure to their research. Here is a loose competitor analysis template that illustrates how we often present our competitor analysis findings to clients.

Listen to our Director of Consulting, Derek Heiss, as he explains why this template was developed and how we use it with our customers:


This template includes: 

  • Company profile
  • Action: data gathering and analysis would follow the four-step process: Collect, Discover, Analyze, Collaborate
  • Deliverable: the knowledge gained from this process
  • Outcome: what this company learned would empower them to advance the following strategic initiatives


As you can see, knowing the field is the only way to play the game. You achieve this by analyzing competitors.