Intelligence That Transcends Silos

Create an intelligence culture, and bring your organization together with an Intelligence Hub.

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Bring every department together and foster a relationship of give and take.


Organization developed by staff in one geographic location is instantly available to those in another.

Leadership Access

Provide leadership with real-time access to intelligence rather than just occasional reports.

Intelligence for everyone.

Every part of Knowledge360 is built to foster collaboration and break down barriers.

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Create customized dashboards and share with select colleagues, groups of colleagues, or your entire organization.


Build relevant reports right in the system, and instantly add them to dashboards for the colleagues who need to see them.


Configure automated alerts tailored to individual needs, so nobody misses an important piece of information.

Automated Tagging

Intelligence input by one team is automatically tagged and made visible to relevant searches and dashboards for other teams.


Knowledge360® connects with many of the tools and resources you already use. Take a look at all of our integrations.

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"Much more than the original Competitive Intelligence concept it was meant to be. We have adopted as an internal Web publishing platform to allow departments to communicate and share their information with the entire company."

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- Enterprise User in Marketing Research & Intelligence

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