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Competitive Intelligence State of Play

A new industry-based competitive intelligence study from Cipher.

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Developed in collaboration with James Madison University, this groundbreaking new industry study benchmarks how Life Sciences companies organize and staff their competitive intelligence functions.  

The study uncovers a number of key findings that speak to the “state of play” of CI in the Life Sciences industry - providing clear guidelines for how others are structuring CI - and what you should be doing to keep pace. 

What you can expect:

  • Top 5 Insights for Competitive Intelligence in the Life Sciences Industry
  • Competitive Intelligence Industry Overview for the Top 300 Life Sciences Companies
  • Demographic Information on Competitive Intelligence Professionals Working for the Top 300 Life Sciences Companies
  • Evaluation of the Top CI Teams 
  • Tips for Building a CI Function
  • Research Overview & Approach

Download the Study

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