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Do More Competitor Analysis in Less Time

Reclaim hours in your day to continue providing the highest quality strategic competitive analysis and market intelligence to your team.

Free Up Your Time

Maximize Your Time to Maximize Your Potential

Add an intelligence automation software to your wheelhouse to get the most from your day and maximize the strategic value you have the capacity to add to decision-making at your organization.


Optimize Your Market Intelligence Process

Improve your market intelligence capacity with the support of  Knowledge360® to experience maximum efficiency when gathering, organizing, analyzing, and sharing your intelligence.

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Automate Trend Monitoring

Reduce the stress of checking multiple information channels for different types of information and trying to keep tabs on your entire market. Knowledge360® alerts you to notable and relevant market and competitor updates so you can stay on top of everything you need to know and share those alerts as needed.

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Solve for End-to-End Data Needs

Knowledge360® aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes your market intelligence data. Spend more of your time presenting your findings and less time juggling requests.

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Not Only Communication, but Collaboration

Avoid communication silos through data centralization. Everything your team needs is located in one software, allowing for easier and meaningful collaboration.


Get Back to Work

Extend your reach and manage even more data. Utilize your depth of market intelligence to provide strategic input and greater impact your team.


Work to Your Preference

Alter your dashboard in Knowledge360® to best serve the way you work. We collect user feedback regularly to optimize your experience and get the most from your platform.

Knowledge360 Reveal

Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2017


“Delivers competitive intelligence services and technology solutions that help clients make smarter, faster decisions.”

2017 Best-Run Company


“These companies in the Baltimore/Washington DC region are leading their industries, have overcome significant challenges and have created lasting value in their communities.”

More Resources for Competitor & Market Intelligence

Explore our resource center of competitive strategy insights for competitive and market intelligence professionals.


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