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CI State of Play - Life Sciences 2018

This benchmarking study unveils key insights about the "state of play" of competitive intelligence in the Life Sciences industry.

The Life Sciences industry has long seen the value of competitive intelligence. With long R&D cycles involving millions (or billions) of dollars invested and a decade or longer tied up in research, keeping an eye on the competition and being first to market has always been a priority. 

Our latest industry study profiles the Top 300 companies in the Life Sciences industry to understand how these companies are "doing CI" and provide guidance for professionals in every industry to improve their competitive strategy.

With this report, you will gain insight into:

  • Top 5 Insights for Competitive Intelligence in the Life Sciences Industry
  • Competitive Intelligence Industry Overview for the Top 300 Life Sciences Companies
  • Demographic Information on Competitive Intelligence Professionals Working for the Top 300 Life Sciences Companies
  • Evaluation of the Top CI Teams 
  • Tips for Building a CI Function
  • Research Overview & Approach

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