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Successful companies know what their competitors are up to. Accumulating data on competitor activity promotes market knowledge and strengthens corporate strategy. This is how some companies predict responses, follow market shifts and always come out on top. Reaping the benefits of competitor analysis is the easy part, but knowing where to start? Not so much. 

There’s no shortage of tools for companies to consider. The internet is full of all kinds of competitive analysis resources. With endless capabilities, companies are often only limited by their own understanding. Getting clear about how intelligent competitive analysis tools work and how to use the data they collect is priority number one. 

With access to so much data, it’s easy to understand how you might miss something important, even when this missed piece of information is a missing detail that spells success or demise. Your team needs your most critical information as soon as it is available. Don’t risk the success of your strategy by relying on manual collection processes. Finding the best competitive analysis system is how you can get on top and stay there. 

There are many automated programs that will quickly uncover relevant and vital information for your company. One of these programs is TechCrunch RSS.

This article will explore:

  1. How to use TechCrunch
  2. What kind of competitive intelligence information you get from TechCrunch
  3. How TechCrunch works for competitor analysis
  4. TechCrunch features, including automations
  5. How much TechCrunch costs

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How to Use TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a website that reports on technology startup news and data. It is also a primary data source technology companies go to for competitor analysis. One key data point is startup news. Published articles offer the latest startup innovations and interviews. The news platform will help your business keep an eye on market competitors. TechCrunch also has subscription plans with upgrades and more features for competitive analysis.

TechCrunch is easy to use. All of the publicly hosted data is topically arranged and sortable in search. Startup news and stories can be filtered using the provided search bar or the tags under each article.

Subscribers to TechCrunch get extra features. These include IPO analysis, disruptive opportunities and competitor intelligence. Through TechCrunch news, you can learn all about your competitors and the market investments they are making. Subscriber emails curate and deliver the most important technology news and market analyses, reducing the need for manual data retrieval.

TechCrunch also has functional reading tools for competitive analysis. These make it even easier to filter through all of the beneficial information and help your business understand competitor strengths, competitor weaknesses, indirect competitors, direct competitors and more. Painting a complete picture of the competitor marketplace is vital to conducting competitive analysis that bears fruit. Condensed newslines allow you to quickly scan articles and buildable lists enable you to set aside reading for later.

All other information can be found in your inbox. Each day, TechCrunch will send you an exclusive email with the latest crucial news and market research data that will help your company succeed.

TechCrunch Data

Technology companies that are looking for reliable data analysis with high standards of quality can find it in part on this platform. The quality of data means that it can accurately inform SWOT analysis. This means that your team can use TechCrunch's data to identify competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Utilizing TechCrunch helps your company to strategically plan future moves and proactively react to market shifts.

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TechCrunch for Competitor Analysis

While TechCrunch provides a variety of technology data information, the focal point of TechCrunch is their news section. Users can utilize their news articles without paying for a subscription. With or without a subscription, these data points inform competitive analysis, enabling users to:

  • Pinpoint trends in the technology market
  • Strategically establish prices based on product releases
  • Identify customer behavior and buying trends
  • See corporate-level staffing moves
  • Hear accurate reporting on holdings or transactions
  • Use other startups experiences to enhance customer service
  • Get inspiration for new product development

In the technology world, new and innovative products are being released everyday and investors are constantly on the prowl for the next big thing. Stay up-to-date on each step that your competitor takes so that you can stay one step ahead.

TechCrunch Automations and Other Features

One of the most difficult parts of keeping up-to-date with data is how often it needs to be collected. This is especially laborious when your information has to be brought together from multiple sources. If you aren’t aware of an important market change or product release, your business might miss out on a fleeting opportunity.

TechCrunch allows users to create preferences on how often they want information delivered. You can set it up to receive updates as soon as new data is released or as infrequent as once a week. This automation feature ensures that you get the information you need, when you want it.

TechCrunch extra features include the ability to share information with team members and externally save data sets.

TechCrunch: Cost

If you want exclusive newlines and startup information, you’ll want to check out Extra Crunch.
There are three different membership options:

  • Monthly: This membership includes all of the exclusive features at $5 for the first month and $15 for each additional month.
  • Annual: If you are looking for extra perks, this is the membership for you. At $99 a year, you will receive all of the exclusive benefits as well as discounts on event tickets and access to Partner Perks which include discounts on Amazon Web Services and Brex.
  • 2 Year: This membership includes the same advantages as an annual membership, but at a price of $189.

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An Alternative

If your company has tried to collect data in the past, you understand just how much information is out there. It would take you years to sift through the publicly available information for technology companies. And, of course, the quantity of data is increasing all of the time. There is no way to manually retrieve the right competitive analysis information from every news cycle. 

Subscriptions to services like TechCrunch can help you avoid this information overload. By streamlining all of the data, news and information that you need onto one platform, you can save vast amounts of time and energy. There are other platforms that will also help you curb information overload. Some have even more capabilities than TechCrunch does. 

You can choose to build your competitive analysis using many independent data sources, like TechCrunch, but combining many data sources in one tool can become a force multiplier for you and your team. With a combined source, It's often easier to spot trends, it also means fewer places to look for information, fewer subscriptions to manage, less moving of data and lower costs. 

Trying to stay on top of too many data sources is the most common reason most competitive intelligence practices fail. In our experience, marketing and competitive intelligence initiatives often tend to be implemented reactively, rapidly become unmanageable, rarely deliver meaningful insights, and ultimately end because of the lack of meaningful results delivered at the end of a budget cycle. 

That is, until the next surprise market event, merger or acquisition has executives calling for more intelligence and better insights. And then the cycle begins again.

Every realm of data, from news articles to government filings, have information about your competitors that is potentially relevant for your business. Knowledge360Ⓡ pulls from every imaginable data source on the internet: FACTSET, Crunchbase, SEC Filings (EDGAR Database), Job Boards (Indeed), Company Reviews (Glassdoor), Live stock ticker feeds, Food and Drug Administration Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), National Institutes of Health (clinicaltrails.gov), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and more.

You also have access to aggregated news from over 600,000 global sources. Pull in customized RSS feeds and Google Alerts to amp up SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, identify your target market and more. Create a useful competitive analysis template that takes a 30,000 foot view into actionable steps. It is an essential step for competitive analysis that gives you the competitive advantage to dominate the marketplace. 

All competitor analysis tools are helpful; use ours to find strategic groups, target customers, find competitors' strengths and weaknesses and to have all you need to build a successful strategy.

Use our Ultimate Guide to Competitive Intelligence Research and Data Sources to learn more about our comprehensive data streams and how they will empower your team to conduct competitive benchmarking and analysis, in addition to downloading a pre-built competitive analysis template.

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