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There is so much information and data out there for companies to utilize. It is virtually impossible for a competitive intelligence team to manually analyze all of this data. That is where competitor analysis tools come in. These tools automate competitive analysis, making it easier for your team to get the information that you need when you need it. 

With a competitive analysis platform, teams can track market shifts, stay on top of competitor moves, look into investment opportunities and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many competitor analysis platforms, it may be tricky to compare apples to apples or discern which is best suited for your specific use cases. Some platforms are optimized for specific industries, such as the technology or medical devices sectors. Others provide specific data on global finances and investments or ongoing clinical trials. How companies use these platforms is equally as diverse, some may leverage the platform to inform social media marketing or product development while others apply their analysis towards an advertising strategy. 

It’s easy for information overload to develop when you have to dig through thousands of data points just to find a few that are genuinely useful. Worse yet – analytic teams might miss important information that could spell success or failure for a product, program or revenue streams. Great competitor analysis platforms combat this issue by organizing the data for you and presenting only the most relevant, timely information. 

Find a Competitive Analysis Platform

The first step to implementing any competitive analysis software is onboarding. If you are going to pay a premium for a high-quality competitive analysis platform, you’ll want to get to extract maximum benefits. Once you understand how to utilize the platform, you will begin to see the advantages right away. 

With multi-industry data pulled from hundreds of databases and sources, you are guaranteed to have access to the information that you need, Knowledge360 is one of the top competitive intelligence platforms on the market

In any industry, for any use, data can be collected, aggregated and charted for your interpretation and use. Knowledge360 is automated and has advanced filter searches to instantly drill down to essential data.

For more about Knowledge360, continue reading this article and learn:

  1. How to use Knowledge360
  2. What kind of competitive intelligence information you get from Knowledge360
  3. How Knowledge360 works for competitor analysis
  4. Knowledge360 features, including automations
  5. How much Knowledge360 costs

How to Use Knowledge360

There are numerous ways to assemble meaningful data from Knowledge360. From insight collection to monitoring market trends, Knowledge360 has a full spectrum of the best support for competitive analysis. The platform has four main functions:

  1. Knowledge and data collection
  2. Customizable dashboards and searches
  3. Analysis and reporting
  4. Sharing and communication

In this [90 second] video you will learn exactly how Knowledge360 provides up-to-date market trends and analysis.

All of the information on Knowledge360 is searchable with an advanced search bar. This allows users to pull information that is most crucial to your marketing strategy, product design or SWOT analysis. 

Users can view a company's board of directors, investments, acquisitions, website traffic and events that they participate in. While yesterday’s marketer would have had to spend hours searching manually, today’s CI team has competitor insight right at their fingertips as soon as they need it. 

The information that is available on Knowledge360 is tagged using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. These tags make it much easier to filter information so that you only see what you need to. The tags include locations, people and organizations. 

Here are just a few of the data points that Knowledge460 collects and tags:

  • Press releases
  • Job postings
  • Inquiries
  • News
  • Documents

Using Knowledge360, you can also monitor trends and industries from your dashboard. A customized feed will display trend predictions, popular industry tags, news frequency charts, social feeds and even Slack messages from your product development team. Understanding market trends will not only help you to improve your influence within your own industry, it could also point to an up-and-coming industry or vital shifts. 

Watch this video to learn how to use Knowledge360's dashboards to monitor trends and industries.

Users can even create a battle plan (so much more than just a battle card) within Knowledge360. Ongoing competitive analysis and strategy stem from having the most important and up-to-date information. 

This is the only way to truly understand the playing field and know what’s happening each day with your industry, your company and your direct competitors. This kind of data allows employees in every role—from product development to sales—to have the most crucial information right at their fingertips when they need it most. 

Knowledge360 Data

When you use Knowledge360, you have access to critical 3rd party proprietary (FACTSET, Crunchbase, News, etc.) and publicly available (SEC, NIH, FDA, USPTO, etc.) datasets bundled within the Knowledge360 subscription. This cost-efficient access to premium data reduces your admin burdens and you can feel confident that you are accessing accurate and reliable information. The K360 system aggregates news in 30 different languages from nearly every country.  

Utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge360 data analytics ensure that you can avoid categorizing data and information with automatic tags. Here are a few of the sources that Knowledge360 collects their data from:

With all of these database aggregations and news from 600,000 global sources, Knowledge360 brings in the best of the best data so that you will never have to worry about where you are getting information from. 

Knowledge360 for Competitor Analysis

Companies within many industries can utilize this powerful platform. From consumer goods to aerospace technology, Knowledge360 allows users to filter results by source, industry, geographic region and more to show the most relevant data for your needs. 

Watch this video to learn how to use Knowledge360's competitor pages and custom dashboards to monitor your competition. 

In any business, it’s crucial that you know the latest news, acquisitions and financial data to inform your strategies. Competitive analysis can provide the information that your company needs to be successful. Knowledge360 can help you with the following:

  • Analyze competitor moves through acquisition, event and financial information
  • Track and predict market trend changes
  • Monitor both private and public companies
  • Aggregate the most important data for development, advertising and sales team purposes
  • Track changes to a competitor’s website 
  • Monitor social media feeds and profiles
  • Inform your local and global presence
  • Build charts and tables tracking long-term data
  • Benchmarking your success against competitors

And that’s not all. There are endless options for how you can utilize the data mined by Knowledge360. It all depends on what your company needs the most. Ready to see the light? Contact us to get started.

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Knowledge360 Automations and Other Features

When it comes to competitive analysis, you want quick and easy access to your data. Most run-of-the-mill competitor analysis platforms offer alerts sent straight to your inbox, but what if Knowledge360 could offer you something better? 

Advanced Artificial Intelligence, bundled data, unlimited dashboard customization and integrations with Slack and Tableau are only some of the incredible features that Knowledge360 offers. Who wants a static report emailed when they could have access to a dynamically updated dashboard.

Knowledge360 offers a plethora of automated features that will make your competitor analysis more insightful and useful than ever:

  • Customizable searches, filters and tags
  • Integrated with Slack, Google Docs, Quip, Sharepoint and so many more
  • Collaboration and sharing capabilities as well as custom integrations
  • Raw intelligence gathering tool
  • Customizable benchmarks to track your success against competitors
  • Custom data set benchmarking 
  • Individualized, customizable dashboards utilizing easy-to-use drag and drop technology
  • Customize user roles with access, edit and viewing permissions
  • Automated and/or customizable SWOT analysis
  • Portfolio and battle plan building capabilities
  • Customizable charts and financial data integrated with Tableau®
  • Build reports from scratch or using provided templates

Automation is the foundation of any great competitor analysis platform. When it comes to Knowledge360, automation, collaboration and customization all make up the foundation. Competitor analysis platforms are supposed to make data aggregation and analysis easier, but Knowledge360 makes it seamless.

Knowledge360: Cost

Knowledge360 offers three different options for pricing and can provide an estimate at your request:

  Growth Professional Elite
 Company dashboards
 Sandbox dashboards
 Core data aggregation

 Reporting & analytics:
 Projects, newsletters and analytics

 External data:
 Documents, field intelligence and  i   inquiries
 Premium data:
 Factset and Crunchbase

 Consulting Support:
Access to our team of in-house CI consultants


Why Choose Knowledge360?

If you want your competitive analysts to have the best tools at their fingertips, then you need Knowledge360. Through this platform, you can see where your company is succeeding and where it is vulnerable. This kind of insight helps you build a better strategy as your company develops and releases products, invests, advertises and moves into the future. 

Knowledge360 has collaboration built right into the platform to ensure that you can easily collect information from and share your findings with your team. As any successful business knows, employees in all departments should have access to competitor analysis reports. It’s integrations with many of the tools your team is already using, allow you to bring the power of competitive collaboration to your existing infrastructure. 

Through NLP tagging, Knowledge360 sorts and categorizes data for you so that you can spend your time analyzing information rather than organizing it. Knowledge360’s NLP tagging allows you to search within a variety of fields that can help you narrow down your results to find just what you need.

Knowledge360 uses Artificial Intelligence to track your searches and suggests related content that you may have missed. The more that you use Knowledge360, the more the AI technology learns your search patterns making competitive analysis easier and more effective.

If you are concerned about whether or not you’ll be able to find the information that you need, don’t be! Our Knowledge360 customer success team is ready to help you in any way that we can.

"Knowledge360 pulls in all of the news and updates on our competitors so I'm not searching through 20+ browser windows to get a sense of what's going on in the market. "

We have professionals whose only job is to guide you through all of Knowledge360’s capabilities and data. With Knowledge360, you never have to worry about getting lost in a sea of data again.

Many competitive intelligence experts struggle to find a platform that is simple in design, yet customizable. You can get all of that with Knowledge360. Knowledge360's intuitive, "WYSIWYG" widget-and-dashboard framework allows each individual user to create an infinite number of customized views, which they can then share with select colleagues, groups of colleagues, or their entire team. Creating your dashboard is as simple as dragging and dropping what you would like to see. Maybe you want to see market trends and industry news, but you don’t want to see live stock feeds or FDA alerts. This is possible with Knowledge360’s simple interface. Our "user-configurable" framework drastically reduces total cost of ownership, as no vendor engineering or development work is needed to adapt to a new use case.

Knowledge360 makes competitor analysis effortless, accessible and customizable. Information overload is no longer a concern when you have Knowledge360. With the capabilities, features and integrations needed to manage your knowledge, this platform is an incredible resource for any business in a competitive industry. 

Make competitor analysis seamless with Knowledge360. Go here to request a free demo if you are interested.

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