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Top LinkedIn Market Intelligence Profiles for the Healthcare Industry

John A. Booth


April 23, 2019


You can learn a lot from our top Market Intelligence profiles

If you're just starting out or early in your career as a Competitive Intelligence professional, it's likely you are experiencing a few "typical" challenges.

For example, you probably spend more time gathering and organizing information than you would like to. Chances are you have a project or two with a "final" deliverable that keeps changing on you. Just as you near the finish line, a last minute change sends you off in another direction.

Know that you're not alone, and with time and experience your CI skills will become honed, allowing you to skillfully navigate around the obstacles you are facing today.

In this article, we have identified our "Top Ten List" of Healthcare Market / Competitive Intelligence Profiles on LinkedIn. Their experiences are as varied as the organizations they support. At the same time, the professionals in our top ten list share several characteristics. For starters, they are all seen as valuable strategic resources within their organizations. They drive strategic planning, and grow strategies and strategic marketing efforts.

They are analysts, evangelists and advocates

The Top Ten Healthcare Market / Competitive Intelligence professionals are passionate about what they do and solve for both the customer and the company.

The members of our list are responsible for the insights and recommendations that very often determine the future direction of their organizations. It is their work that defines the competitive environment, carries out competitor research and formulates competitive strategy.

As Albert Chu, with the Blue Cross & Blue Shield Association explains it,


These professionals leverage resources to gather critical field intelligence, and rely on competitive intelligence software to automate low-value activities so more of their day is spent on high-value analysis work.

In no particular order, here are our top Market Intelligence LinkedIn profiles for 2019.

Roger Feinstein - Director of Market Intelligence at NEJM Group

Roger's experiences include defining strategies and supporting tactics that drive the ongoing collection, analysis and distribution of information intelligence on products, market conditions and trends, competitors and customers for business decision-making. View Roger's LinkedIn profile

Scott Tinsley-Hall – Director of Strategy & MI at The University of MD Medical System

Scott's believes leadership, analytical thinking, strategic planning and process improvement skills are inherent traits that are fine-tuned through hands-on experience. For over twenty years, he has been using his business talents to assist healthcare organizations to achieve desired results. View Scott's LinkedIn profile.

Blair Hardesty Belliveau – BD Dir.: Market & Competitive Intelligence at Anthem

Blair analyzes market trends, competitor strategies, and government regulation in order to inform leadership of their position in key market opportunities for the development of effective growth strategies. View Blair's LinkedIn profile.

Lori Willett – VP, Market Intelligence at nThrive

As Vice President, Market Intelligence, Lori leads and manages data-driven methodologies to propel process improvements through strategic planning and innovative initiatives. She is passionate about customer centricity and understands the importance of building motivated teams in the promotion of long-term revenue goals. View Lori's LinkedIn profile.

Albert Chu – Managing Director, Insights & Intelligence at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Albert is a dynamic and highly accomplished market and business strategy leader, with a proven ability to develop, manage, and execute complex initiatives in a highly matrixed, cross-functional environment. He has extensive experience in healthcare and several other industry verticals. View Albert's LinkedIn Profile.

Inna Sheyn – Director | Strategy | Health at AARP Services, Inc.

As a member of the AARP Healthy Living Strategic Priority core team, Inna is responsible for the overall strategy development and execution of healthy living initiatives across the $2B matrix organization. View Inna's LinkedIn profile.

Lincoln Acholonu – Director, Strategic Partnerships & Market Intelligence at Highmark Health

Lincoln has fifteen years of demonstrated leadership and managerial expertise in the managed care, employee benefits industry with a focus on business development, distribution strategy, strategic marketing, and business operations. View Lincoln's LinkedIn profile.

Jerome Strickland – Director, Market Intelligence & Analytics at Cardinal Health

Jerome is responsible for creating market and customer intelligence and actionable insights for Cardinal Health's enterprise. View Jerome's LinkedIn profile.

Theresa Smay – Director of Market Intelligence for IBM Watson Health

Theresa works closely with leadership to inform strategic decision-making including: identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing and conducting analyses, synthesizing conclusions and providing recommendations for the organization. View Theresa's LinkedIn profile.

Joe Warbington – Healthcare Analytics Director at Qlik

Joe has 10+ years in designing, implementing, optimizing, and evangelizing clinical and enterprise intelligence analytics solutions in healthcare. View Joe's LinkedIn profile. View Joe's LinkedIn profile.

The Bottom Line

As these profiles show us, the future of intelligence is integrated. The success of your intelligence program is dependent on many variables and leadership is one necessity.

Developing the skills needed to lead your organization's market intelligence need not be done in isolation. Organizations such as the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) offer a  member community, events, research and insights and a career center to advocate for the skilled use of intelligence to enhance business decision-making.

While this list represents just ten of the many accomplished leaders in the market intelligence space, it is a great representation of the passion, commitment and experience that drives the formulation of corporate strategies at the highest level. Follow and connect with them to stay on top of where the industry is headed.

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John A. Booth
John A. Booth

John has more than 25 years of experience as an accomplished marketing and sales professional and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the marketing function at Cipher. Prior to joining Cipher, John co-founded a national marketing agency providing companies with digital marketing and sales support, driving lead generation and increased sales for B2B and B2C clients.

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