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The Missing Link of Marketing Automation Software

Julie A. Dellinger


December 5, 2018

We rely on technology to accomplish important tasks in our businesses. As the range of what technology is capable of expands, the possibilities can seem boundless. However, there are limits for how far certain technologies can be pushed and how many use cases any single tool can effectively manage.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software has revolutionized how marketing departments are able to interact with and learn from their customers. CRMs, like Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot enable companies to learn what type of content and messaging most resonates with their audience while also being able to measure the efficiency of certain forms and email campaigns.

Marketing departments need to focus their attention on resonating with customers and filling the pipeline with new business opportunities, however, many companies do not invest in monitoring another audience equally as important — competitors.

The Need for Competitive Intelligence

Staying ahead of the curve and reaching your destination means navigating the treacherous waters of competitor developments and market trends effectively. Your business needs to be able to evade potential threats and cruise toward clear waters with success always in the field of scope.

Marketing automation software can accomplish a lot, but these solutions are not the best sources of information when it comes to competitive intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the practice of gathering information about one’s competitors in order to identify and assess competitor strategies and anticipate competitor actions. Competitive intelligence insights drive strategic and tactical decision making as part of an overall corporate intelligence strategy.

Proper competitive intelligence research requires access to a wide variety of competitive intelligence sources, including your internal teams.

Competitive intelligence consultants and software solutions help you monitor and predict:

  • New product releases
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Market trends
  • Competitor developments

to develop competitor analysis and strategic recommendations on how your company should best move forward in a competitive market where newcomers and disruptive technologies are poised to throw you off course.

It is important in today's competitive landscape to avoid surprises and make sure you are always able to alter your strategy when needed. Agility is necessary for every business to stand the test of time and stay ahead of market disruptions.

Our new guide, The Missing Link of Marketing Automation Software outlines how competitive intelligence software and consultants help to fill the intelligence gap in your marketing strategy.

Download Now: The Missing Link of Marketing Automation Software

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Julie A. Dellinger
Julie A. Dellinger

Julie A. Dellinger is a B2B marketer with experience developing the marketing function for business-to-business SMEs in niche industries. Julie excels in creating order from chaos and communicating complex concepts to a non-technical audience. As Marketing Manager for Cipher, Julie manages every aspect of the marketing function, from web development and design to digital marketing and events, and everything in between.

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