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The Cipher Competitive Strategy Blog

Market Trend Monitoring: How to Avoid Competitor Surprises

The ability for a company to stand the test of time relies on their agility. Large cultural and technological changes are occurring faster now than ever before in history. Developers alter the ... Read More

How to Develop an Agile Strategy to Match an Accelerated Industry

In every industry, it is necessary to create an agile strategy to the changing current of market trends, warnings and indicators. However, in certain industries, the pace of change is much ... Read More

How To Use Primary Resources for Competitor Research

In the world of competitive intelligence, nothing cuts straight to the source quite like primary research. By gathering information directly from individuals in the know, such as competitor ... Read More

5 Stages of CI Maturity: Competitive Intelligence Production and Dissemination

In Stage 5 of the 5 Stages of CI Maturity we will talk about how to best produce and present your CI research findings. Read More

5 Stages of CI Maturity: Competitive Intelligence Information Gathering

Competitive Intelligence efforts require organization and a clear process to ensure useful and accurate results. In our 5 stages of CI series we will be expanding on each stage of a CI workflow to ... Read More

How to Choose the Right Due Diligence Research Partner

Partnering with an outside research provider for compliance due diligence ensures your contacts are trustworthy, freeing your team to focus on business growth. Failing to maintain ... Read More

Developing an Effective IP Protection Program

In order for a company IP protection program to succeed, it must meet the following criteria: • Protect that which requires the greatest protection • Be optimized to address actual, potential ... Read More

Human Factors and IP Protection

People Remain the Weakest Link in the IP Protection Chain. On seemingly regular basis, news reports remind us how remote cyber-attacks, insider theft of digital information, and other high-tech ... Read More

Detecting Invisible Threats to IP

What You Don’t Know Can Definitely Hurt You. One of the more insidious aspects of modern day industrial espionage is the fact that many of the threats to a company’s IP can be extremely difficult ... Read More

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