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The Cipher Competitive Strategy Blog

New Bill Enhances Ability to Protect Competitive Differentiators

Theft of trade secrets can have dire consequences for a company’s customers, employees and investors. According to Read More

Competitive Intelligence Shelf Life Solving the Challenges of Timely Reporting

Actionable insights gained from competitive intelligence often have a short shelf life. To take advantage of opportunities, organizations must receive information early and often. According to ... Read More

Going Beyond Secondary Sources for FCPA Compliance

Your sales team would never consider a bribe in Birmingham to win a contract, but the calculation can be very different in Beijing or Buenos Aires. Understand the key aspects of an internal ... Read More

The Road Not Taken Limits of Organic Growth

Everyone knows a story of a former market leader brought to its knees by failure to adapt to changing times and tastes: Blackberry, Blockbuster, Borders, and the current struggles of the cable ... Read More

Compliance Solutions Reach a Whole New Level

Regulatory compliance is becoming a large priority across industries in the wake of heightened prosecution and penalties. For Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) alone, the number of Department ... Read More

Competitive Intelligence 5 Ways to Avoid Becoming Penny Wise but Pound Foolish

Despite a precarious economic recovery, investments in competitive intelligence (CI) can still pay off when made as part of a broader corporate strategy focused on adding and maximizing ... Read More

Going Digital How to embrace the digital age and use it to your advantage

The digital age is here—and it’s shaping industry market landscapes, competitors, and customers worldwide. It is essential to understand how digital is impacting us and how we can leverage digital ... Read More

Three Mistakes You May be Making in Leveraging Competitive Intelligence

As a Competitive Intelligence (CI) practitioner and service provider for the past 15 years, I have dealt with many clients. The vast majority of these clients have turned to us because they have a ... Read More

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