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The Cipher Competitive Strategy Blog

Mastering Market Disruptions: What You Need to Know

This week, Sears filed for bankruptcy. After ... Read More

How to Develop an Agile Strategy to Match an Accelerated Industry

In every industry, it is necessary to create an agile strategy to the changing current of market trends, warnings and indicators. However, in certain industries, the pace of change is much ... Read More

How To Use Primary Resources for Competitor Research

In the world of competitive intelligence, nothing cuts straight to the source quite like primary competitor research. By gathering information directly from individuals in the know, such as ... Read More

Stay Ahead of the Pack by using Dynamic Strategic Planning

A ship at sea needs to be well maintained and ready for action. If the ship's internal radar picks up on an incoming threat, the crew needs to be able to spring into action to deliver the ship to ... Read More

The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

You can't keep your ship on course if you don't have a clear view of the ocean. Read More

Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management: What's the Difference?

The Information Age has spurred a whole new set of challenges for businesses. With competitor and industry data accessible at the click of a button, companies are now suffering ... Read More

Connect the Dots of Your Competitive Market Landscape

Multiple competitor reports can paint disparate pictures that don't give insight into the full mural of where your market is headed and what next steps would be most beneficial to your ... Read More

Understanding Knowledge Management to Gain a Competitive Advantage

To maximize your competitive edge, your company needs a firm understanding of the core differentiators that separate you from competitors. Read More

11 Steps to Choosing a CI Enterprise Software Solution

More and more, leading companies are choosing to integrate cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions in their business processes. In fact, according to  Read More

Smarter, Faster Decisions With Intelligence Software

Acknowledged by SCIP as a best-in-class CI solution, Knowledge360® makes it easy to aggregate and visualize information so you spend less time searching and more time making strategic decisions.

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