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The insurance industry is subject to constant evolution and major market shifts. To compete and succeed, any company whose revenue is impacted by these shifts needs an ear to the ground. Monitoring insurance industry events  is a vital exercise both for gathering competitor data and simply staying relevant in the market. Here are some of the best resources for keeping an eye on the field and being well-informed about trends within all sectors of insurance.

The best insurance industry competitive intelligence information sources are:

  1. Insurance Journal

  2. Business Insurance

  3. Insurance News Network

  4. Employee Benefits News

  5. National Underwriter Property & Casualty

  6. Claims Journal

  7. AM Best

  8. P & C Specialist

  9. Institute of Business Home and Safety (IBHS)

  10. Independent Agents and Brokers (IIABA)

  11. Auto Insurance Report

  12. J.D. Power

  13. Comperemedia

  14. Insurance Agents and Brokers (IA&B)

  15. Mintel

  16. CB Insights

  17. Cerulli

  18. Competiscan

  19. Insurance Innovation Reporter

  20. Irionline

  21. Limra

  22. NAIC

  23. Knowledge360Ⓡ

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Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal provides news about property and casualty insurance. They have search features that help you sort stories by news or markets. Their stories relate to both national insurance systems and international insurance systems. In addition to categorized searches, you can glean important info through geographic or topical sorting. Their news is up-to-date and covers both generic news stories that impact insurance and industry-specific reporting.

Insurance Journal

Business Insurance

Business Insurance is a platform designed for insurance professionals. They provide monthly electronic magazine editions, breaking news, insurance personnel profiles and news and both mainstream and industry-specific reporting. You can read current monthly magazines or sign up for a newsletter with bulletins and updates.

Business Insurance

Insurance News Network

Insurance news net is all about the insurance industry. They have news-style articles, newswires, a magazine and insider publication for insurance professionals. Much of their content is well-researched and includes studies, research articles, projections and more. The info presented is vital for people who need to know up-to-the-minute shifts and patterns occurring within various insurance sectors.

Insurance News Net

Employee Benefits News

Employers, insurance industry analysts and business leaders can all find important info and data trends for managing benefits programs and policies on Employee Benefits News. They provide some editorial content and post bulletin and wire updates from different insurance companies. Significant resources exist on how employers in any field can manage insurance for their business.


National Underwriter Property & Casualty

National Underwriter has an extensive resource center that features an entire library of archived publications. They also publish multiple magazines, including NU Property & Casualty (since 1897), Claims, Investment Advisor (since 1980) and Benefits PRO (since 2003). These and other published materials on their website can be sorted by categories, providing info on insurance, taxation, finance and academic studies or research.

National Underwriter

Claims Journal

The latest claims related news for the insurance industry can be found on the Claims Journal website. Navigate through multimedia content (videos, podcasts, newsletters) and sort by topic. Claims Journal also has live wire news bulletins, data and statistics, jobs and HR/personnel news and a litany of sponsored blogs and related materials.

Claims Journal

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AM Best

AM Best is a great source for identifying trends in various industries, including the insurance sector. Since 1899, this company has provided numerous, topical publications about finance, insurance news and analysis, analytical products and financial information products. Their online library also includes insurance professional resources and underwriting/loss control resources.

AM Best

P & C Specialist

For business intelligence, P & C Specialist has vital info in each issue. Published monthly, there is updated news on all kinds of insurance, including direct works from leaders in the field and reporting on layoffs, trends, claims, policies, litigation and more. This is a member site that can provide ongoing data for analyzing what’s new and changing in the world of insurance.

P&C Specialist

Institute of Business Home and Safety (IBHS)

The IBHS has a lot of practical resources that directly relate to insurance operations. They feature diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods, natural disaster news and updates and even product reviews and resources. All of these highlights the many factors and dynamics that impact the bottom line for a lot of insurance companies. IBHS also has webinars and hosts live events around the country.


Independent Agents and Brokers (IIABA)

The Independent Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) is a network of insurance agents. As a gathering point for independent agents, IIABA has its own internal magazine, agent listings and market-based information and reports. They host virtual summits and large-scale surveys that capture important and meaningful info for insurance industry trends.


Auto Insurance Report

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners regularly issues reports on various sectors of the insurance industry. Their Auto Insurance Report is an enormously valuable publication that provides data on personal and commercial vehicle use. They reflect ratings for auto insurance pricing, coverages and the status of major changes within the market.

Auto Insurance Report

J.D. Power

J.D. Power and Associates is a well-known name in insurance. They provide vehicle ratings and consumer reviews. This data is important because of the scale and easy access. This resource holds a lot of value as it represents unbiased feedback and important perspectives of consumers.

J.D. Power


Comperemedia is a marketing intelligence platform. This is a paid service that aggregates published research data and media articles from a broad range of online platforms. 


Insurance Agents and Brokers (IA&B)

IA&B invites members from insurance agencies and brokerage firms nationwide. Its members can avail themselves of a well-stocked resource center and continuing education courses. They also provide some paid services that provide market data and operational support for insurance companies.


CI in Insurance Market

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Mintel has vast resources and published reports for numerous sectors and industries. They highlight reports for sale that dive deep into market trends and market intelligence for the insurance industry, among others. Since 1972, they’ve provided syndicated research articles and publications.


CB Insights

Want to make masterful market predictions? CB Insights is a market intelligence platform. They report on venture capital startups, news mentions, patents, partnerships and other factors that impact the insurance industry. In addition to their paid platform, they have a newsletter that calls out some analysis and data points.

CB Insights


Cerulli and Associates is a research, analytics and consulting firm. They provide headlined updates of business news and information. Cerulli also publishes trend reports for various areas of business, including the field of insurance. You can sort published information by category or topic. While white papers and some other research info is paywalled, there are plenty of ways to investigate on this platform for free.



Competiscan has a comprehensive database of market knowledge. Using a web-based search function, it collects and organizes online data for insurance agents, insurance producers and insurance market analysts. You can sign up for daily updates, download reports and access their platform, drilling down by over 100 search criteria to find the info you want.


Insurance Innovation Reporter

Since 2005, Insurance Innovation Reporter has been a go-to for insurance industry strategists. You can sort from a huge database of articles, commentaries, analysis, research reports and more. Find info on data and analytics, claims, billing, risk management, underwriting and every other category of insurance you could want. Each month, editorialists highlight different areas of insurance that are relevant for seeing insurance industry trends and performing competitive analysis.

Insurance Innovation Reporter


Integrated Resource, Inc. is a leading healthcare and clinical recruitment company. Because they are so heavily involved in HR and talent sourcing for healthcare, their data and trends are relevant for insurance analysts. Predicting market behavior based on personnel is a powerful opportunity for future-proof business decisions.



Limra is a global platform that offers large-scale, worldwide research and professional development. They host virtual conferences, feature industry leaders, provide expert papers and publications and are a good source of content for insurance and other fields.



The National Association of Insurance Commissioners oversees state-specific standards and is governed by insurance regulators. Their website has everything from insurance policy locators to news and updates on insurance-related governance and policies. This is an important source of very current material that shapes investments and responses.


Knowledge360Ⓡ: All the Insurance Industry News You Need

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